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Team 7 presented Sidekick side table

team7 Sidekick side table

Photo by TEAM 7 Natürlich Wohnen GmbH

Coffee table, work desk, dining table – sidekick side table goes beyond the
one-dimensional usability of conventional tables and demonstrates the concept of multi-functionality through sheer genius of design. By adjusting its position you can change the way it is used and create a surface fit for any purpose in no time at all. The piece can therefore be left free-standing, arranged as part of a group or used as a coffee table.

The slanted side panel simply flips up to become a horizontal table top, allowing for a wider range of applications. In its raised position, the sidekick is an all-round table that can be used as a dining table or as a work desk by the sofa. The table top can be tilted towards the user to ensure ease of use when working with a notebook, for example.

Its basic shape is made up of three distinct surfaces, and the slanted side panels give the table stability. The hand-crafted groove joint allows you to move the side panel to and from its desktop position, while accentuating the beauty of TEAM 7’s craftsmanship. Sidekick gets its gentle and dynamic charm from the delicate appearance of the wood panels used to make it. Sensual in its material and innovative in its usability, sidekick is geared towards everyday use and demonstrates a high level of functionality. It is available in six different wood types.

For more information, please visit http://www.team7.at.