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Unisign: CNC machining capacity and flexibility for DroidX

Planned production extension to accommodate the Uniport 6000-HV CNC machining centre.
Photo by Unisign

DroidX is a relatively young but very ambitious company in Hungary. The scope of activities of DroidX Ltd. include tool manufacturing, manufacturing of railway parts, and a major supplier to the automotive and energy industries.

The company is founded by Mr. Dubics. He has expanded the production and machine capability in the past years to meet the growing demand for high quality CNC machining of large parts.

Latest purchase: Uniport 6000-HV

The next step is to build a complete new hall which will accommodate their latest purchase which is a state-of-the-art Uniport 6000-HV CNC machine: a 5-axis portal bridge machining centre with integrated carousel turning table. With this new machining centre, DroidX makes a huge step in production capacity being able to serve more and new customers in Hungary.

CNC machining of extremely large parts

The Uniport 6000-HV contains an integrated carousel turning table and combines 5-axis, flexibility, precision, performance and maximum reliability. That makes this CNC machine universal and ideal for nearly any machining task and market. What excels the Uniport 6000-HV is the large horizontal and vertical opening for machining extremely large parts on a compact portal machine. This is further enhanced by the point of rotation of the nutator head, which ensures that the full height of the working area is available in both vertical and horizontal orientations.

Specifications Uniport 6000-HV

DroidX has decided for quality and maximum flexibility in CNC machining. Their Uniport 6000-HV features:
– X = 10 000 mm, Y = 4000 mm, Z = 1800 mm
– 5-axis machining
– 138 tool pockets
– Nutator head 73 kW @ 7000 rpm
– Carousel turning table Ø 2500 mm
– Pendulum operation possible
– Heidenhahn TNC 640 controls


– Maximum working area
– Smallest footprint
– Efficient machining of large components
– High dynamics
– Carousel turning table for maximum flexibility

Local support

Unisign is well established in Hungary and has excellent local support provided by our representative partner Rother Metal Ltd.

For more information, please visit: https://www.unisign.com