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unisign: Development of deburring robot

Photo by unisign

In recent months, Bart Winkelmolen and Maarten Visser have been working on the development of a deburring robot for machined truck front axles during their graduation internship for the HBO Mechatronics academy.

Mechatronics graduation project

They have researched the optimal deburring method of truck front axles and the way in which the complex contours of these front axles can be followed. The result of their efforts: a working test robot on which the first products have already been successfully deburred! A result to be proud of.

We thank Bart and Maarten for their efforts! And congratulate them with their graduation and obtained diploma. 
The result achieved provides us with a solid basis for the further development of an automatic deburring cell. It will be a valuable extension to the Unitwin 6000, a dedicated CNC machine for machining truck axles.

All operations on one CNC machine

The Unitwin 6000 is equipped with twin spindles that operate either simultaneously or independently, this unique all-in-one solution can machine various kingpin angles. And because the spindles tilt, the Unitwin 6000 can perform all sorts of operations: milling, drilling, boring & reaming. It’s a complete CNC machining centre, offering an excellent return on investment.

For more information, please: https://www.unisign.com