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USM Haller E at the Salone del Mobile in Milan

Photo by USM Haller EMi

USM is now integrating light and energy directly into the structure of its USM Haller furniture – completely wirelessly. At the Salone del Mobile, from 4 to 9 April 2017, the Swiss modular furniture manufacturer will be featuring Haller E, the new innovation which showcases the timeless storage design in a new light.

Whether it is at the reception, on the sales floor, or at home in the living room: the new USM Haller E lighting solution creates the perfect light to highlight various objects, creating atmosphere and orientation. In a spectacular innovation, the Swiss furniture manufacturer has integrated the power supply into the structure of its modular components. Dimmable lighting elements can be discreetly retracted into the metal rods to serve a wide variety of purposes: they can light shelves and display cases from the inside or effectively cover a room wall with light to set the scene – choosing from a daylight glow or a warm white ambiance. Open a drawer for an immediate and clear overview with sensor-controlled interior lights. If mounted at the bases of furniture, the lighting elements can also be used for orientation and guidance.

Light is not the only integral aspect of USM Modular Furniture – mobile devices can also be charged directly from the structure. Just like the light sources, USB chargers can be attached wherever they will be the most useful—plugged into pre-defined recesses, they are fully integrated with the rods and barely visible.
What’s revolutionary with USM Haller E is the power supply. There aren’t any cables. The structure itself guides the current through the specially developed e-Tubes, e-Ball and e-Connectors, all of which replace the traditional components. The furniture may be connected to the power supply at any convenient point near the ground through a feed cable leading directly to an USM Haller e-Ball. The power adapter is located underneath the furniture, making the power supply look almost magical since neither cables nor outlets are visible.

The sound of the future
This new integration of power supply and lighting into the furniture’s load-bearing structure is not the culmination of a development; it’s the starting point for the future. Control via mobile app, touch-sensitive furniture surfaces, programmable lighting scenarios—these are the future-oriented fields of research to which USM Haller will introduce its surprising solutions.

Brilliant staging by atelier oï
The product launch of USM Haller E at Salone del Mobile in Milan is staged by the renowned Swiss design studio atelier oï with an attention-grabbing trade fair booth: in an imposing cityscape, the highly stacked furniture modules converge into an urban world. The newly launched USM Haller E light solutions illuminate facades and building interiors. The warm light from the illuminated windows offers views inside imaginary living spaces with suggested scenarios. Visitors are immersed into a sea of lights and can discover many new aspects of the USM Metropolis under delicate paper clouds hanging above them in the night sky.

For more information visit: http://www.usm.com