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Walter introduces the new Xtra∙tec® F4049 multi-tooth finishing face mill

The Walter Xtra∙tec® F4049Photo by Walter Deutschland GmbH

The Walter Xtra∙tec® F4049
Photo by Walter Deutschland GmbH

With the Xtra∙tec® F4049 multi-tooth finishing face mill, Walter is offering a new type of tool concept for cast iron machining. The basic body, indexable insert geometry and cutting tool material are designed to work in perfect harmony. For the user, the main benefit is: increased efficiency and lower costs.

The face and shoulder mill produces precise 90° shoulders in its available diameter range of 50–160 mm and a cutting depth up to 6.5 mm. Once the cutting edges have been aligned, roughing and finishing operations can be performed without changing tools. This saves valuable machining time. The F4049 has been equipped with square indexable inserts, each with eight cutting edges and developed especially for this milling cutter. Combined with the tried and tested Tiger∙tec® and Tiger·tec® Silver cutting tool materials for maximum tool life, these eight cutting edges not only remove metal efficiently, but also allow for considerable savings on insert costs.

The insert retention with special clamping wedge provides reliable stability. The precise position of the finishing inserts can be set using a countersunk screw and expansion wedge. The adjustment mechanism is not only extremely precise, but also creates a very stable insert seat thanks to its form lock fixing. The new Walter milling cutter therefore achieves a particularly high workpiece surface quality during the finishing process.

With two roughing geometries and a further two finishing geometries available in a negative basic shape, the Xtra∙tec® F4049 is perfectly equipped for a wide range of machining conditions. This tool is ideally suited for use in the automotive industry and for general mechanical engineering.

For more information, please visit http://www.walter-tools.com.