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WANGEN PUMPEN: Productivity, quality and precision – investments will continue in 2021.

Claus Garnjost (CEO), Simon Laible (Produktionsleiter) und Lucas Meyer (Leiter Statorenproduktion)
Photo by Pumpenfabrik Wangen GmbH

Pumpenfabrik Wangen GmbH, one of the market leaders in the production of eccentric screw and screw pumps, is investing more than 1.5 million euros this year in new machines for the production of stators and is thus modernising its production plant in Wangen im Allgäu.

“This investment underlines our belief in the location and in manufacturing in Germany. Several options were examined, resulting in a clear commitment to the Wangen im Allgäu location and to vertical integration,” says Claus Garnjost, CEO of Pumpenfabrik Wangen GmbH.

Four state-of-the-art machines of the latest generation will be used in the stator plant at Pumpenfabrik Wangen, setting clear standards in terms of productivity, quality, precision and technological leadership. “We are extremely proud that four new machines are in service and that we are thus also modernising our production plant with regard to Industry 4.0 and digitalisation.” says Simon Laible, Head of Operations and authorised signatory of Pumpenfabrik Wangen GmbH.

The flagship machines in the production plant are two elastomer injection moulding machines from Desma Elastomertechnik GmbH, a lathe from Mazak Corporation and a blasting machine from OTI Oberflächentechnik GmbH. “With these new machines, a very high level of quality is achieved, especially in rubber processing, and process times are considerably accelerated,” emphasises Lucas Mayer, head of the stator plant and CNC department at Pumpenfabrik Wangen GmbH.

In addition to continuous investment in plant and machinery, investments are also made in state-of-the-art shop floor management methods for the development of employees and managers. Following the Toyota Production System (TPS), employees and management place great emphasis on avoiding waste so that permanent increases in productivity and quality are possible.

Pumps manufactured in Germany and used worldwide

Pumpenfabrik Wangen GmbH, with around 250 employees and headquarters in Wangen im Allgäu, has enjoyed the highest reputation nationally and internationally for more than 50 years with a portfolio of high-quality pumps. WANGEN progressive cavity and screw pumps are developed, produced and distributed at the company’s headquarters; the company has a subsidiary in the USA, WANGEN AMERICA Inc, a branch in Schwerin and a worldwide network of qualified distribution partners. Since 1969, WANGEN has been supplying pumps for a wide variety of pumped media and a wide range of industries, with applications worldwide in the biogas & agricultural technology, food & beverage, wastewater & sewage technology, chemical, pharmaceutical and paper sectors.

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