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WFL used machines – a second life for machines

WFL Millturn Technologies GmbH & Co.KG

In the age of fast moving and progress, quality and innovative solutions have lasting consistency. This is proven by the WFL used machines, which show a very high competitiveness even after several years of use. As with the new machines, WFL offers unique possibilities in terms of quality and customer service.

A MILLTURN from WFL is always a product for highest quality demands. Even with the used machines, it is ensured that the machines are in top condition before they are delivered to the customer. In the field of used machines, WFL offers, depending on requirements, a complete concept including consulting, technology support, commissioning & training. A separate organisation has been set up especially for this purpose. A Premium Pre-Owned MILLTURN proves to be an interesting alternative especially when additional capacities are needed at short notice or the budget for a new machine is not sufficient.

Everything from one source

Decades of use of a MILLTURN leads to wear and tear of machine and equipment and therefore to a loss of relative performance. Regular upgrades and services greatly reduce this circumstance. If wear parts are replaced, the machine continues to provide top quality and retains its long service life.

With the WFL complete offer, the highly qualified technicians ensure that the best possible results are always achieved with the MILLTURN and that one remains up-to-date in all technical and software-based areas. A big advantage of a machine overhaul is the cost factor: it is about 40-70% less investment compared to a new machine. WFL is also very flexible when it comes to commercial offers: the machine can also be leased.

Tested quality

The process of a retro-fit project is precisely defined at WFL. In case of a machine sale, the WFL project team will contact the customer and make first clarifications. The machine assessment is carried out by highly qualified WFL personnel. The machine is put through its paces so that the amount of work involved can be estimated. After submitting an offer, negotiations and drafting a contract, the date for dismantling the machine is fixed. If the customer has in the meantime still produced with the machine, the machine is checked again immediately before dismantling. Further steps such as internal transport, packaging and transport to WFL are carried out by the company’s own personnel.

The machine overhaul also includes assembly, repair, paint preparation, various upgrades, commissioning, geometry check, machine check, endurance test, laser measurement and processing of a VDI workpiece for machine acceptance. The MILLTURN is only offered for sale to interested parties after approval by WFL technicians. After successful testing, the machines receive the certificate “CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED”. Thus the machines can even be sold with guarantee.

Sustainability on Top

The fact that old machines are reconditioned and thus kept in production-ready condition for longer makes a retrofit from WFL astonishingly “green”. According to the VDEh Steel Institute, approx. 1.34 tons of CO2 are emitted per ton of crude steel. Of course, this is only a fraction of the amount emitted by a Premium Pre-Owned machine. With Retro-fit, CO2 emissions can be reduced by at least 80-90%. A M65 MILLTURN / 3000 mm with approx. 34.000kg (mainly consisting of steel or steel-like components) would emit 45.560kg CO2. In the case of a retrofit there would be about 6.800-13.600kg CO2 emission. This argues the economic viability of such a project in a considerable way.

The use of modern components and features, such as new lighting (Ergonomic Light Concept), an expanded tool magazine or the integration of automation, also contribute to greater sustainability and efficiency. Manufacturers are also showing great interest here. In appropriate cases, the electrical components of the machine can also be replaced. This topic is to be increasingly promoted at WFL in future. In a pilot project, for example, the complete control system of a machine built in 1998 will be replaced. This should increase the longevity of the machines. The motors will be replaced as well as mechanical adaptations such as the sliding door positioning by means of a toothed rack or an improved positioning of the tool changer (toothed rack instead of toothed belt). Compared to the previous one, the new control has a larger screen with 24-inch (previously: 15-inch) and 1 GB NC memory (previously: 12 MB NC memory). The main advantages of a rebuild of the control are the availability of the programming editor MillturnPRO and the intelligent process monitoring system iControl. Teleservice can also be carried out more conveniently on the new control.

Exclusive know-how for the customer

Our training offer covers all requirements for programmers, machine operators and service technicians. On the one hand, permanent training guarantees maximum productivity in production, on the other hand it increases the motivation of the employees and makes it easier to react to new production tasks. WFL imparts the best possible knowledge and experience in a wide range of training courses, either directly in our own company or, if desired, at interested parties in the factory.

Modular designs – depending on customer requirements

As a special extra, WFL offers its customers used machines in tailor-made design. Starting with overhauls, conversions or even technological additions, everything is possible. With a WFL production support also customized workpieces can be processed.

The increased focus on used machines in the last two years clearly shows that there is a great deal of interest on the market. WFL always keeps a number of high-quality used machines in stock. The majority of these have been sold to global corporations in Germany, Sweden or the USA. These machines have been running perfectly for several years since the retro-fit.
So why should a customer buy a used machine? Cost efficiency and fast availability are clear arguments in favour. If WFL has a suitable machine in stock, it can usually be delivered within three months.

“In the case of machines that undergo a retro-fit, for example, we replace main components such as the milling unit, linear guides, main drive or the tool changer to improve the overall condition of the machine. My colleagues and I have a great deal of experience in this area and we look forward to delivering the machine in top condition for many more productive years”.
Jürgen Bauer, WFL Retro-fit Solutions

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