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Wilkhahn presents the first stunning visual for its ad campaign

Photo by Helge Krückeberg

Photo by Helge Krückeberg

The first visual chosen for the new Wilkhahn ad campaign might not be totally unfamiliar. In the foreground people can see Wilkhahn’s IN office chair and behind it the roofs of our pavilions which accommodate Wilkhahn’s manufacturing facilities. This is the world’s only factory designed by Pritzker prize winner Frei Otto who died last year. The idea was to start the campaign on a high note – so to speak!

The basic idea of the new series of ads is to compare the timeless power of first-class architecture and excellent furniture design with one another in photos. The slogan and theme that’s set to run through all the visuals is along the lines of “Superior form. Superior function. Each and every day”. Therefore, it seemed an obvious choice to start in Wilkhahn’s own architecturally superb surroundings. But the seemingly easy-to-shoot visual was in the end the result of ingenious improvisation, dogged persistence, raincoats to keep out the chill, incredible luck and painstaking post-production processes. Due to the strict schedule for placing the ads, in February the photographer, assistant and creative director all had to get up onto the roof of the warehouse block.

A lifting platform had to shift and position all the equipment and the office chair. Everyone involved had to brave the cold, wind and rain to get the right shot. And then it was a case of waiting and hoping. Hoping that the rain would stop and that the skies would clear for that magic moment that’s required to get the perfect lighting.

Two days later the reward came for the effort involved in getting the best shot, the cold weather stoically borne and patience required. The rest was done in the studio in post-production. Too much like hard work? Not when considering that the bar is set just as high for the visuals as it is for the architecture and product design. Wilkhahn can look forward to more visuals to follow.

For more information, please visit http://www.wilkhahn.com.