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Sensirion presents its new LS32-1500 liquid flow sensor

Sensirion AG (Switzerland), the leading manufacturer of digital microsensors, is expanding its range of liquid flow sensors for measuring low flow rates. The new LS32-1500 liquid flow sensor is designed for flow […]

HEIDENHAIN unveils its angle measuring modules for high-precision rotary axes

Angle measuring modules from HEIDENHAIN simplify the setup of high-precision rotary axes by significantly reducing the time and effort for mounting and adjusting. In place of numerous individual components, the angle measuring […]

Baumer releases new MIL10 bearingless encoder

Baumer is presenting a new bearingless encoder for linear distance measurement. The MIL10 comprises a sensing head and an adhesive magnetic tape.The non-contact magnetic sensing method is wearfree and hence provides virtually […]

SmartCheck vibration analysis by MS-Graessner ensures more effective transmission verifications

MS-Graessner has decades of experience in the development and production of high precision bevel gears and bevel gear transmissions, which virtually predestines MS-Graessner GmbH & Co. KG to also set new standards […]

PT1000 temperature measurement system by MS-Graessner ensures more reliable oil temperature measurement

The condition of transmission fluid is a decisive factor for the functionality and ultimately also the service life of every transmission. As a transmission specialist with decades of experience, MS-Graessner now offers […]

New MAGRES encoder by Baumer designed to better withstand harsh environments

Proven for over 10 years in harsh environments and cramped spaces: MAGRES are robust encoders with purely magnetic single and multi-turn scanning. Now Baumer introduces the new, completely revised MAGRES encoder generation […]

Renishaw will showcase SPRINT™ high-speed contact scanning system at MACH 2014

Renishaw, the global engineering specialists, will be giving a UK exhibition premiere to its new SPRINT™ high-speed contact scanning system for CNC machine tools at MACH 2014, which takes place from 7 […]

Faulhaber releases integrated encoder IEH2-4096

The new integrated encoder IEH2-4096 encoder offers higher resolution, an expanded operating temperature range and further-improved speed control, especially in the low speed range. The new model lengthens the motor by just 1.4 […]

UWT – the experts in level control expanding their product range with the Siemens radar SITRANS LR560

UWT – the experts in level control – are chosen as Solution Partner by Siemens UWT GmbH from Betzigau was chosen by Siemens as the first Solution Partner in Bavaria for process […]

TMM 600 – 3D coordinate measuring machine

Schneider Messtechnik, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of multi-sensor measuring machines and projectors, has approached the development of the newly launched TMM product series from a whole new way of thinking: […]

World’s smallest temperature sensor by Sensirion

Sensirion presents the world’s smallest humidity and temperature sensor, setting new standards for size, power consumption, production volume and price. The SHTC1 humidity and temperature sensor, the smallest of its sort with […]

Aircrafts parking position on a dime with laser measurement sensor LD-OEM

Saving time and fuel as well as stopping at the gate quickly and safely are the most important benefits offered by the optical aircraft docking systems by FMT Aircraft Gate Support Systems […]

New Light Measurement Sensor LEX-100 by EMX Industries

EMX Industries presents it’s new light measurement sensor LEX-100 Verify the presence and measure the relative light intensity of a wide variety of light sources, such as LEDs, monitors, and lamps. The LEX […]