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CoroBore® 826 by Sandvik Coromant designed for fine boring applications

Sandvik Coromant has taken another step in the development of fine boring technology by introducing CoroBore® 826, a groundbreaking high-precision (HP) coolant tool for trouble-free machining and close hole tolerances. Machine stops […]

Walter expands its M4000 milling cutter family

The two new members of the M4000 milling cutter family are the M4575 T-slot milling cutter and the M4792 routing cutter. Together with the M4002 high-feed milling cutter, the M4132 shoulder milling […]

Walter’s new indexable inserts feature PVD aluminium oxide coating

The new, positive ISO indexable inserts have been developed by Walter on the basis of the high-performance cutting tool material, Tiger•tec® Silver. A PVD aluminium oxide coating protects the indexable inserts against […]

Sandvik Coromant’s CB7015 indexable insert help saves costs and time for hard-part turning

Transmissions are typically mass produced, so component costs are a vital factor for success. With its CB7015 indexable insert, Sandvik Coromant offers a cost efficient time-saving tool for hard-part turning. The tool […]

KOEPFER K 300 offers universal solution for gear manufacturing

Nobody can say with any certainty when the first gear was invented. The only certain is that the Ancient Egyptians used the first precursors of gears to transfer rotary motion. Other historical […]

Spanntop and Toplus chucks are now compatible with Hainbuch modular system

Sometimes small things turn out to be a big success. And that’s true for the mini chucks. But one thing they haven’t had until now was compatibility with the Hainbuch modular system. […]

Hainbuch presents minimalist automation solution for production with small batch sizes

Small batch sizes, more and more part variants, competition growing bigger and bigger and always less time. A familiar problem! Hainbuch the workholding manufacturer knows all about these issues, they’ve come up […]

EMAG’s ELC laser welding machines offers optimum solid-state laser solution

Even though CO2 laser technology was still dominant for production laser welding until a few years ago, this has greatly shifted to the use of solid-state lasers. A comparison will show us […]

SHW delivers travelling column machines to RIVA for Mecca Mosque Project

When the remodelling and extension of the Holy Mosque in Mecca are completed in 2018 then one German company will have made a significant contribution towards it. The doors, gates and façades, […]

Hainbuch clamping devices help improves HeBa’s production efficiency

With a converted Mori Seiki NZ 2000 machine, HeBa Fertigungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG was reliant on an all-round, no-hassle clamping device. 3-jaw chucks were too big, and they could not be […]

EMAG presents its cost-efficient PO 900 BF blisk machining unit

It is estimated that sales of passenger aircraft will rise by 4.5% to 5% by 2030. Rising numbers of travelers on intercontinental routes and the increase of aviation in emerging nations are […]

HELLER presented its latest machine tool solutions at WerkTage 2015

Machining centres must be able to meet current requirements and also provide the capability to be used efficiently, flexibly and productively throughout their complete life cycle. This clear stance taken by HELLER […]

Zimmer Group’s high-performance spindles optimized for demanding milling requirements

The immense load-carrying capacity and low weight of carbon fiber-reinforced plastics will continue to increase the importance of the material in the future. The high-performance spindles from Zimmer Group make it possible […]