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Cellro presents Xcelerate X20

Photo by Cellro B.V.

The new Xcelerate X20 system saves machine operators a lot of time and money, as they can now mill parts on 6 sides 24 hours a day with a very compact solution. The ROI is only 1.5 years or less! The craftsman is relieved of repetitive work and can concentrate on the jobs where he can offer added value.

GRESSEL Technology

GRESSEL AG has recently launched the new R-C2 gripper on the market. This innovation, jointly developed by Cellro and GRESSEL, is gripper and clamp in one, first developed for Xcelerate X20. The gripper takes the clamp with the product out of the tray and places it in and out of the machine. This eliminates the need for automatic gripper change, making this system very economical for small batch shredders and a wide range of products. Cellro has integrated the R-C2 gripper into a new system with transfer station. This offers 2 more big advantages:

  1. from the same drawer in Xcelerate, the machine can automatically load and unload a wide range of products. Several small series, but also single pieces (which are very different) can be processed automatically without any problems.
  2. exact transfer of the products for six-sided processing. For this it is necessary that the processed products are clean. Thanks to the additional cleaning unit, the end product comes out of production free of liquids and chips. This also keeps the clamping adapters clean. Another advantage is that automatic clamping is much more accurate than manual clamping.

In the past, most automation processes used to use a certain number of clamps for a certain number of products (with one product type loaded per tray). Changing the gripper fingers and inserting the clamps into the machine often still had to be done manually (unless an automatic clamp change with Fixture Exchange was performed). With this new system from Cellro, these manual operations are further removed from the production process. A large number of small series with a high product variety can now be automated even more.

For more information, please visit: https://cellro.com/en/