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Mazak launches new 5-axis machine for the entry-level segment

The CV5-500 is a new entry-level machining centre with unlimited 5-axis simultaneous control, designed for the European market and built in Europe.
Photo by Yamazaki Mazak Corporation

Yamazaki Mazak has launched a new entry-level machining center with unrestricted 5-axis simultaneous control and is targeting newcomers to 5-axis machining.

The new CV5-500 was developed in the UK specifically for the European market and is offered at a very competitive price. This makes it ideal for suppliers, start-ups and contract workshops.

The incredibly versatile 5-axis machine stands out from the other machines in its category due to its highly torsion-resistant portal design with a trunnion mounted table that moves in the Y-axis direction under the portal.

The headstock of the CV5-500 is designed with a constant overhang, which promises high rigidity even when the Z-axis has moved to its end position. The machine is equipped with a 12,000-min-1 spindle that achieves a peak power of 18.5 kW and a torque of max. 119.4 Nm. It thus covers the machining of a wide variety of materials. For high-speed applications, an 18,000-min-1 spindle with internal cooling of the ball screws on the X, Y and Z axes to ensure high heat resistance is offered as an option.

The CV5-500 is equipped with a Sankyo table designed for high torsional rigidity, driven by roller gears, and has a large angle of rotation – with an impressive 220° on the B axis and 360° on the C axis. The machine features high reaction speed thanks to rapid traverse speeds of 36 m/min in the X, Y and Z axes and can machine workpieces with dimensions of up to Ø500 mm x H320 mm and a weight of max. 200 kg. In addition, the thermal protection ensures consistently high machining accuracy by automatically compensating for any temperature fluctuations.

In addition to high performance, the CV5-500 has been designed with unrestricted operator access and ergonomic aspects in mind, without neglecting the possibility of retrofitting automation systems at a later date. The machine can be easily integrated into a wide range of automation solutions when equipped with side loading door, robot interface and interfaces for hydraulic and pneumatic clamping devices (each available as an option). A very important aspect is the unobstructed access from the front, which is not hindered in any way by automation equipment. The operator thus has convenient access to the set-up area and can also observe the machining process at any time without restriction.

With a footprint of just 2,300 mm x 2,790 mm, the machine is the most compact 5-axis machine in this performance class, making it the ideal choice for suppliers and contract workshops where space is often at a premium. Care has been taken to keep the maintenance area as small as possible. An important role is played by the coolant tank with chip conveyor for lateral chip removal, which can be pulled out of the machine from the front to provide access to important maintenance points. In addition, the machine can be placed close to the wall with its rear side, which further reduces the space required.

The tool magazine is designed with a standard capacity of 30 tools, but can also be supplied with an optional 48 tool capacity. The automatic tool changer with double changing arm guarantees fast tool change times of only 1.3 seconds. A side loading door to the magazine is provided as standard. It allows unhindered tool change even during automatic operation.

The new machine is equipped with the SmoothX CNC, Mazak’s SMOOTH Technology series control, specially designed for 5-axis machining.

For more information, please visit: https://www.mazak.com/