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ChemFlyer | CST – Innovative PTFE Shut-off Valve for Aggressive Media

Photo by ChemValve-Schmid AG

Tailored for substances such as chlorine gas, hydrofluoric acid, and sulfuric acid, the ChemFlyer | CST from ChemValve-Schmid seamlessly integrates into Warex Valve’s range of valves, immediately expanding the offerings of the Powder and Bulk specialist. Known for its high-performance shut-off valves, Warex Valve ensures safety and tightness even in explosion-prone areas. Custom configurations are crucial for the valve expert in Senden to ensure process-optimized functionality. Hence, the collaboration with ChemValve-Schmid was a natural fit: the Swiss manufacturer has been globally recognized for over 30 years for its modular, PTFE-lined shut-off valves. Like Warex Valve, the Swiss company prioritizes flexible production through its in-house team. The internationally sought-after PTFE shut-off valve ChemFlyer | CST, manufactured to the highest quality standards in Welschenrohr, is now available through Warex Valve.

Construction Advantages

The ChemFlyer | CST provides smooth functionality with corrosive media, allowing ample space for modifications. This is achieved through its advantageous design: the rounded and polished sealing surfaces of the disc reduce torque, enabling the use of smaller, cost-effective actuators and extending the lifespan. The precisely dimensioned, one-piece disc, accurate to the tenth of a millimeter, remains securely anchored in the valve. The injection-molded elastomer inserts ensure maximum tightness. The ChemFlyer | CST is modular from the ground up, individually traceable with a serial number.

Modified PTFE

The ChemFlyer | CST is also available in modified PTFE, offering reduced permeability and extended lifespan at high operating temperatures. With a nominal size range of DN 25–1200, it is compatible with all common drive systems through freely selectable shaft ends. ISO 5211-compliant head flanges allow the direct attachment of actuators, gears, and hand levers. The shut-off valve is suitable for operating temperatures from -60°C to 200°C, compliant with Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU, ATEX 2014/34/EU, Food (EC) No. 1935/22004, and FDA | TA-Luft regulations.

Quality from Senden

For the valve experts in Senden, the distribution of ChemFlyer | CST enables a targeted expansion of the portfolio for specialized applications in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. For 60 years, Warex Valve has offered a wide range of shut-off valves, ball valves, sealing systems, and spare parts. From bulk material handling to plant construction, the company has built an international customer base through valve solutions for liquid, solid, aggressive, abrasive, and gaseous media.

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