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EnviTec Biogas starts the new fiscal year with a broad set-up

Photo by EnviTec Biogas AG

In the twenty-second fiscal year, EnviTec Biogas AG initiates a leadership change in its foundational area – plant construction, paving the way for Maurice Markerink, Jakob Falkenstein, and CTO Jürgen Tenbrink to take over from Lars von Lehmden, Jörg Fischer, and Jürgen Tenbrink, effective April 2024. The CEO, Olaf von Lehmden, details the shift in roles, highlighting Lars von Lehmden’s increased focus on the expanding US market.

Positive Growth in Global Plant Construction

The plant construction segment experiences positive and robust growth globally in 2023, with promising prospects in the USA and France. CFO Jörg Fischer emphasizes renewed opportunities in Germany driven by worldwide efforts against climate change, despite the inconsistent stance of domestic policies. The company remains optimistic about its broad portfolio and potential growth in Europe.

Renewable Gases and Future Prospects

With EnviTec’s in-house production of heat, power, and fuel, the company positions itself favorably in the renewable energy sector. Fischer underscores the future significance of renewable gases, emphasizing EnviTec’s readiness with expertise in biogas and biomethane. The focus extends to Europe’s potential and the company’s diverse offerings.

Greening the Transport Sector: Bio-LNG Plant Inauguration

The transport sector, turning greener in 2024, is marked by the inauguration of Germany’s largest integrated bio-LNG plant by EnviTec Bioenergie Güstrow GmbH. Fischer highlights the company’s role as an independent provider of CO2-neutral fuel for commercial and heavy-duty transport since August 2023, aiming for full operation in 2024. Concerns are raised regarding policy inaction on imported biofuels from China, emphasizing the need for consistent European sustainability criteria.

Challenges and Investments in Self-Operation Segment

Despite anticipating a shortfall in the self-operation segment’s results for 2023 due to one-off effects and declining quota prices, EnviTec continues its €100 million investment program in its own facilities. Fischer elaborates on ongoing planning and renovation at plants in Forst, Friedland, Neuburg, and Priborn, emphasizing the company’s commitment to its facilities.

Consistent Performance in Service Segment

The service segment remains a consistent performer, witnessing a 5.9% revenue increase and a 24.5% overall performance increase in the first half of 2023. Fischer attributes this growth to inventory buildup through new repowering and retrofitting projects, expressing confidence in unlocking further growth potentials for the corporate group in the new fiscal year, albeit not replicating the exceptional results of 2023.

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