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Enerpac’s new Chain Cutters offers enhanced speed, safety and precision

Photo by ENERPAC B.V.

Safely cut chain faster and with more precision

Enerpac is changing the way users cut chain. The new Chain Cutters from Enerpac are designed to be faster, safer and offer more precision than cutting with torches, angle grinders and cut-off tools.

Cutting Speed

Traditional chain cutting methods are slow to cut through chain:

  • Torches cut 1” chain in 1 minute
  • Angle Grinders and cut-off tools cut 1” chain in 2 minutes

Enerpac Chain Cutters cut 1” chain in 35 seconds. Chain cutters feature quick cutting of ¾” to 1 ¼” chain in 35 seconds and up to 5/8” in 6 seconds which helps ursers get the job done faster.

Safety and health risks

Torches, angle grinders and cut-off tools are potentially hazardous when used to cut chain. The introduction of flames, shooting sparks, dust and smoke into the workplace requires operators to wear specialized PPE, including flame retardant clothing and respirators.

Cut-off tool and angle grinder safety risks

Cut-off tools and angle grinders are leading causes of injuries to operators’ hands, arms and faces. In addition to cut-off tools coming in contact with the operator and causing trauma, cut-off wheels can also explode because of:

  • Tool exceeding RPM capacity of the wheel
  • Inferior, flimsy wheel quality
  • Wheel is damaged or deformed
  • Wheel can get pinched or side loaded

Torch safety risks

Cutting chain with a torch can be dangerous for the operator cutting the chain, as well as the end user of the chain. Consider these risks when cutting chain with a torch:

  • Chain can be damaged when the torch flame encounters an adjacent chain link. The greater the heat, the greater the damage.
  • Damage may not be detectable by visual inspection, resulting in weakened chain being used in critical applications
  • Damaged chain can result in failing under load causing catastrophic damage or injuries
  • Cut chain debris continue to be very hot for an extended period, which can lead to burns
  • Heated chain debris that is improperly disposed of may become a fire hazard


Precise cutting is crucial when cutting chain. If the operator’s cutting tool makes contact with the adjacent chain link to the link being cut with an angle grinder, cut-off tool or torch the link is now defective. Defective links create re-work and safety issues. Operators must:

  • Scrap defective link
  • Remeasure to correctly size the chain
  • Recut for the correct length

The Enerpac Chain Cutter is a safer cutting solution as it quickly drives through the chain link while the transparent shield contains any debris. The electric powered hydraulic cutter has angled blades that allow for precise cutting of chain links without damaging adjacent links. When it comes to cutting chain, the Enerpac Chain Cutter is the right tool that makes all the difference.

For more information, please visit http://www.enerpac.com.