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igus speeds up the shift to sustainable Industry 4.0 with AI in plastics

Photo by igus GmbH

To assist industrial businesses in navigating contemporary challenges such as the transition to Industry 4.0 and achieving carbon-neutral production, igus, the motion plastics specialist based in Cologne, introduces triple intelligence at Hannover Messe: Artificial Intelligence, Plastic Intelligence, and Cologne Intelligence.

Unveiling Cutting-edge Innovations at Hannover Messe

During the event, igus showcases innovative smart sensor technology designed for future maintenance, easily operated AI-assisted low-cost robotics, and a revolutionary AI-based app. This app rapidly identifies the optimization potential of applications utilizing igus’ lubrication-free motion plastics, eliminating the need for extensive catalog searches or communication efforts.

Revolutionizing Product Manufacturing and Process Optimization

Technological innovations such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Digital Twins are transforming the way industrial companies manufacture products and optimize processes. igus demonstrates this transformation at Hannover Messe with igusGO, a AI-driven app simplifying component selection for designers. The app quickly analyzes applications, providing suggestions for igus products that enhance reliability and reduce costs.

A joint study by RWTH Aachen and igus quantifies the economic and environmental advantages of igus’ self-lubricating polymer bearings. The study reveals potential savings of between 7,000 and 14 million euros annually in lubricant procurement costs. The transition to igus’ polymer bearings also presents significant CO2 savings. Companies like Heineken Brasil could reduce yearly CO2 equivalents by 180 kg, with the potential for substantial savings if all Heineken branches adopt polymer bearings.

igus introduces smart plastics at Hannover Messe, featuring intelligent sensors in energy chain systems, cables, linear guides, and various bearings. These components offer real-time condition monitoring, connection to different networks and IoT systems, and integration into predictive maintenance strategies to prevent costly production downtime. Continuous service improvements, including the “superwise” digital service, enhance monitoring efficiency and provide timely maintenance recommendations, warnings, and improvement suggestions.

Low-Cost Automation and Easy Robot Control with AI

igus unveils advancements in Low-Cost Automation, emphasizing Cologne Intelligence in their entirely locally-produced robot lineup. The ReBeL Cobot, priced at just 4,970 euros in a fully-equipped plug-and-play variant, stands out. igus also presents ReBeL KID for users seeking a more compact solution. The company’s commitment to Künstliche Intelligenz (KI) extends to AI-based language and gesture control, enabling seamless integration with Amazon Alexa and ROS 2. This innovation, coupled with a low price point, paves the way for mass-market adoption of Low-Cost Robotics.

igus emphasizes the role of Artificial Intelligence in making automation solutions more accessible. By leveraging KI-based simulations, igus aids users in rapidly developing automation solutions without the need for extensive expertise or budgets. The company’s commitment to simplicity and innovation is evident in the evolving landscape of smart plastics and their continuous integration into diverse applications, from machinery to aircraft.

In summary, igus is not only showcasing groundbreaking technologies at Hannover Messe 2024 but is also at the forefront of driving sustainable, accessible, and intelligent solutions for the evolving landscape of Industry 4.0.

For more information, please visit: https://www.igus.eu/?C=DE&L=en