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KÖNIG + NEURATH´s QUIET.BOX: 1M² dedicated to peace and quiet

Photo by König + Neurath AG

Intelligent quiet box for open office landscapes and waiting areas

The office of the future is characterised by communication and interaction in open office landscapes. At the same time there are designated zones for chilling out and informal communication, with the goal of making living and working in the office as pleasant as possible. Experts agree on that. However the transformation to open-plan furnishing configurations on a large scale, or open space offices, poses new challenges for modern workplace and furniture models if the positive influence of “communal workstations” with respect to creativity, performance and productivity is to be retained over the long term. This applies in particular to the negative effects of stress factors such as noise levels and the loss of privacy. The new QUIET.BOX is a flexible, free-standing room solution that brings peace and quiet back into the open space office. It provides employees with the option of a private zone for confidential phone calls and conversations without distractions. The QUIET.BOX – small space, big impact!

Favourable acoustics

Offices mirror the corporate culture and reflect the extent to which employees are appreciated. The QUIET.BOX adds value here, with its favourable acoustics and comfortable climate. This intelligent haven of calm offers team members a temporary retreat in transparent, open office environments. Conversations are kept inside the phone box, allowing colleagues to continue their work in a pleasant setting with low noise levels. The QUIET.BOX is portable like a piece of furniture; it comes fully assembled. It can easily be installed or relocated wherever needed thanks to its simple, flexible logistics. It can also be integrated retrospectively. Putting it in the room is quick and quiet, so workers are not disturbed while they are concentrating.

Square, practical, good

Its dimensions are 1000 x 1000 x 2260 mm – rather like the traditional telephone booth. The QUIET.BOX has integral lighting and a ventilation system to circulate air, providing optimum conditions for working. Additionally there is wall-mounted storage and built-in power and USB points for charging tablets and smartphones. There are two basic models of the QUIET.BOX, allowing diverse configuration potential. TYPE A comes with three closed, opaque wall elements and a glass door with 10 mm laminated safety glass with acoustic properties: the sound insulation rating is Rw,p 37 dB. TYPE B is more transparent with an additional glazed element opposite the glass door without minimising the acoustic effectiveness. Choose from a wide selection of finishes in K+N’s range for the opaque exterior walls. Create a cosy look inside with one of the fabrics from the K+N fabric collection – they also act as effective sound absorbers.

For more information visit: http://www.koenig-neurath.de/