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Lacero: Shredding with maximum performance

Photo by Komptech GmbH

Komptech’s latest breakthrough, the Lacero high-performance shredder, has successfully solidified its presence in the market after an extensive development phase. Engineered for shredding various green waste and wood types, the Lacero stands out for its exceptional throughput and material quality on a global scale. Initially introduced at IFAT 2022 in Munich, the Lacero made its mark on the European market, followed by an official global launch.

Designed for Demanding Tasks: Lacero’s Peak Performance

Crafted for demanding tasks, the Lacero is the go-to solution for customers seeking top-notch performance and efficiency in handling large material quantities. With a robust construction weighing approximately 40 tonnes, the Lacero ensures durability and reliability, delivering finely processed output material. Despite its remarkable performance, the Lacero maintains a surprisingly low noise level, making it an ideal choice for noise-sensitive environments.

Tailored Solutions: Lacero’s Focus in Europe and the USA

In Europe, the Lacero is tailored for processing waste wood and green waste. Komptech’s extensive product portfolio allows for versatile process designs, enabling the production of various product qualities. For instance, combining Lacero with Multistar XXL2 or XL3 opens up diverse possibilities. In the USA, the primary focus is on mulch processing, while the Lacero continues to cater to the global market.

Technical Marvels: Powering Lacero’s Efficiency

At the heart of Lacero lies its massive shredder rotor, weighing over three tonnes and paired with an 800 hp CAT® C18 engine boasting the latest exhaust gas stage 5 technology. This dynamic combination enables efficient shredding of nearly any green waste and wood type. Impressive throughput values of 400 cubic meters per hour, coupled with the production of a highly homogeneous material quality (P63 F10 per ÖNORM EN ISO 17225-1), underscore Lacero’s performance.

Advanced Features: A Closer Look at Lacero’s Capabilities

Lacero’s design includes a spacious feed area with active infeed through a steel link conveyor, leading to a large infeed opening of 760 x 1,520 millimeters. The rotor’s 16 armored wear plates, designed for dual-sided use, enhance its service life significantly. Driven by a belt drive, Lacero 8010 ensures maximum efficiency, facilitated by hydraulic belt tensioning and a specialized clutch for optimal power transmission without manual adjustment.

A two-part screen basket system offers customization for desired material quality, complemented by a safety system in the screen basket carrier to protect against solid impurities. The robust tracked undercarriage, with a track width of 500 millimeters, ensures smooth movement. Standard features include the Komptech Connect! condition monitoring system, expandable to incorporate fully integrated volume throughput measurement, providing real-time insights into machine performance.

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