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Meusburger optimizes its hard milling cutters to achieve highest precision and quality

Meusburger offers milling cutters in different variations as a suitable solution for hard machining.
Photo by Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co KG

Meusburger offers the optimal solutions for machining hardened material up to 67 HRC. The hard milling cutters in different variations achieve highest precision and quality. Most milling cutters are used in Meusburger’s own production. This means that the range is perfectly matched to the requirements and materials in mould and die making.

Hard machining plays an important role in mould and die making but also presents a major challenge. In recent years, some progress has been made in this area with the development of milling tools. As an alternative to time-consuming EDM and grinding, in some cases milling enables a faster, more precise and economical process. Since accuracy and precision are particularly important, milling cutters need to meet high requirements and deliver high quality. Meusburger has recognised these needs and offers the optimal solution: a selection of special tools for machining hardened material, which includes cutters suitable for milling operations. Why is Meusburger convinced of their quality? Because Meusburger relies on most of the milling cutters in its own production and put them to the test itself! This not only gives it experience with the tools, but also provides Meusburger with cutting parameters which it passes on directly to the customer via its cutting data calculator (https://schnittdaten.meusburger.com/calculator/milling/).


A variety of workpieces must still be machined after hardening, which requires special tools such as hard milling cutters. Meusburger offers hard milling cutters in various types and provides a wide range of possibilities for the customer. In addition to two different end milling cutters (WZF 135…. and WZF 137….) for the machining of materials up to 63 and 67 HRC respectively, and the high-precision micro cutters, Meusburger offers torus and full-radius milling cutters (torus WZF 174…., WZF 1757.., WZF 2779.., full-radius WZF 184…., WZF 1851.., WZF 2879..) in three different variations: up to 54, up to 63 and up to 67 HRC. The latest generation of milling cutters (up to 67 HRC) allow a wide range of materials to be machined. In addition to the new coating and new substrate, they also feature modern grinding technology and high precision. Meusburger’s hard milling cutters achieve better dimensional accuracy and a better surface on the workpiece.


In addition to various hard milling cutters, Meusburger’s product range also includes indexable insert milling cutters. These are used when high repeatability is required, since the diameter and cutting data always remain the same due to the exchangeability of the indexable inserts. This has the advantage of reducing machining costs. In addition to high-feed milling cutters, round insert cutters, and shoulder milling cutters especially designed for hard machining, Meusburger offers full-radius and torus milling cutters with different variants of tool carriers: with steel shaft, with screw-in thread, and as shell-type milling cutter. Many of these tools are used in Meusburger’s own production for machining hardened material. Compared to other manufacturers, the selection of the correct indexable insert is extremely simple at Meusburger: From the numerous indexable inserts available, it has done the preselection and offer in its range a variety of tools that are especially suited to the materials in mould and die making.

For more information, please visit http://www.meusburger.com.