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Ophelis Presents Two New Shelf Systems

They both have a filigree design and a high degree of individualisation by means of a wide range of materials and colours. Nowadays office work takes place in more open and transparent working environments in many companies. At the same time, feel-good factors play an increasingly important role in office workplace design. The boundaries between living and working environments are blurring. Open shelf units, a permanent feature in living environments, become alternative storage and design elements in the office.


Photo by Ophelis GmbH

pan is designed as a panelled wall without carcase or side panels, the 13 mm shelves up to 2 m in width are suspended from filigree steel cables. The system features a very light appearance and clear design. The steel cables also act as book ends.

facett was developed as an independent shelf system to match ophelis accessory furniture. It can be placed freely in the room and is available in many different configurations and heights. The vertical dividers of contrasting colour are a functional and design feature in one.

For more information, visit http://ophelis.de/