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ROHDE & GRAHL Acquired By Nowy Styl Group

rohde grahl acquisition

Photo by ROHDE & GRAHL GmbH

The Nowy Styl Group, one of the most dynamically growing furniture groups in Europe, is taking over another German company – ROHDE & GRAHL: a manufacturer and seller of office chairs and furniture, reception desks, armchairs and sofas. ROHDE & GRAHL is a well-known and valued brand on the European market, particularly in Germany and the Netherlands. Its contract offer is designed primarily for offices and public spaces.

The acquisition of ROHDE & GRAHL is yet another investment made by the Nowy Styl Group on the German market. It will allow the Nowy Styl Group to expand its distribution network and add more ergonomic chairs, upscale office furniture, reception desks, sofas and special purpose furniture to its product range. ROHDE & GRAHL´s offer, just like BN Office Solution’s, is characterized by an end-to-end approach to customer service, from designing efficient office space, to product delivery and assembly, to special services.

The founder of ROHDE Holding, Wolf-Peter Rohde, being 73 years old, transfers the company into new hands after 38 years successful management. “Due to missing familial follow-up and because of health as well as age reasons, I want to retire from my active business life and therefore was looking for an adequate buyer for more than one year. Continuity of the company as well as continuation of production in Germany were the main important factors. I am sure having found the best possible solution for our company”.

Nowy Styl as well as Rohde & Grahl are family property. “We believe in similar values and have in general the same imagination of managing a company.” Adam Krzanowski, founder of Nowy Styl Group. “We are not financial investor but actively aspire to participate in daily business, develop business effectively, exchange with staff and, because of the merge of companies, to achieve added value for our customers and the development of the company. Knowledge and understanding are in the first place to make decisions – not contrary. We value our employees on very high level and desire their cooperation and engagement.”

After the acquisition Nowy Styl Group’s revenue on the German market will double and will total approx. 70 million euro in 2013. Thereby, ROHDE & GRAHL will be the 6th brand in the portfolio of the Nowy Styl Group and the 2nd brand taken over on the German market by acquisition. The previous acquisition took place in February 2011, also on the German market. The brand purchased at that time, Grammer Office, broadened Nowy Styl Group’s product range by award-winning office chairs and armchairs having premium quality and advanced ergonomic properties thanks to the patented GLIDE-TEC mechanism. The success of the previous acquisition was reflected in the company reinforcing its position in the western markets.

The Nowy Styl Group is actively looking for growth potential, including by acquisition of other brands and companies. As a natural priority, the Group chooses Western European markets in which it has been operating for many years, such as Germany, France or the United Kingdom.

More information on website www.rohde-grahl.com