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Enerpac presents its new ETT200 and ETT400 Turntables featuring powerful and robust hydraulic cylinder technology

Enerpac’s new line of industrial Turntables facilitate safe repositioning of heavy or oversize loads. The ETT200 and ETT400 Turntables greatly simplify handling, adjustment and precise orientation of loads up to 200- and […]

Igus E2 U-type energy chain offers efficient protection for hydraulic hoses and cables even under tough environments

Special challenges require innovative solutions. This applies to the extendable support legs on many construction vehicles, such as concrete pump trucks or mobile cranes. Here, the safe guidance of hydraulic hoses and […]

Stauff introduces its new LPM-II-plus particle monitor

Real-time system analysis with the Stauff particle monitor The purity of the hydraulic media is crucial for the fault-free and low-maintenance operation of hydraulic and lubrication systems. Failure analysis shows that 70 […]

Stauff’s new “flat face” quick release coupling offers ergonomic and fast operation for usage in construction machines

Stauff has developed its FF range of quick release coupling for connecting the hydraulic circuits of construction machines and attachments. Three sizes have been available up to now. At the HMI, Stauff […]

ENERPAC present its new Equalizer tools designed for aligning, spreading and pulling flanges

Following the successful acquisition of Equalizer International, ENERPAC introduces a new portfolio of tools. Equalizer tools provide a safe, cost effective and simple solution for flange alignment, flange spreading and flange pulling […]

Pumps for on-board exhaust gas cleaning systems further developed by KSB

To curb global marine and air pollution, stricter limits on the sulphur dioxide content of marine exhaust gases stipulated by the EU and IMO (International Maritime Organisation of the UN) will apply […]

KSB expands its vertical turbine pumps portfolio with the new B Pumps

In mid-2018 the KSB Group extended its portfolio offered worldwide by adding a comprehensive programme of vertical turbine pumps. The so-called B Pumps are multistage vertical turbine pumps with a submerged hydraulic […]

ENERPAC’s new SL100 and SL200 Super Lift hydraulic gantries optimized for safe lifting in confined spaces

ENERPAC’s new SL100 and SL200 Super Lift hydraulic gantries offer higher lifting capacities and accurate load positioning on a narrow 2 ft (610 mm) track gauge. Designed for safe lifting in confined […]

ENERPAC presents its new Lock-Grip Pullers designed for safe and efficient removal of shaft-mounted parts

ENERPAC’s new Lock-Grip Pullers provide a simple, safe and cost-effective way to remove shaft-mounted parts. Both mechanical and hydraulic pullers are offered to suit customer’s application requirements. The LGM-Series Mechanical Lock-Grip Pullers […]

Moog’s new Modular Die Cushion System offers improved reliability and shorter commissioning time

A designer and manufacturer of high performance motion control products, solutions, and services – has launched its new Modular Die Cushion System to extend the life of deep-drawing dies, improve system reliability […]

BIG KAISER introduces its new hydraulic chuck specifically designed for Swiss-type automatic lathes

BIG KAISER, a global leader in premium high-precision tooling systems and solutions for the metalworking industries, announces the world’s first hydraulic chuck that is designed specifically for Swiss-type automatic lathes. This new […]

HAWE Hydraulik’s FlexUnit® hydraulic power units are now available with proportional directional valves

Proportional directional valves can also be used very advantageously in industrial environments. For this reason, the highly flexible series of hydraulic power units of type FlexUnit® are now available with this option […]

Moog Focal presents its new Model 810 Pneumatic and Hydraulic Fluid Rotary Union(FRU)

Moog Focal announces the launch of its latest Pneumatic and Hydraulic Fluid Rotary Union (FRU). The Model 810 FRU is designed for industrial and marine applications where multiple fluid passes need to […]