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FAULHABER releases new catalogue for its miniature drive solutions

FAULHABER Drive Systems is the inventor of one of the key technologies for the construction of efficient, miniature electric motors. Now they even are so small that they can pass through vessels […]

FAULHABER introduces new and powerful 2668 CR DC motor

The new 2668 CR DC motor from FAULHABER offers considerably more power than comparable drives, and is the most powerful copper‐graphite commutated DC‐micromotor in its size class on the market. Thanks to […]

Pittman’s new DC030C series gear motors specially designed for agricultural applications

PITTMAN® Motors, a business unit of AMETEK Precision Motion Control, has introduced its latest offering in a broad range of DC brush and brushless motors to the agriculture equipment industry. Pittman DC […]

Kollmorgen releases new smaller version of PMX series stepper motors

Kollmorgen introduces the next generation of stepper motors, the PMX series, adding smaller 08, 11, and 14 frame sizes to the traditional 17, 23 and 34 frame size offering. Thanks to a […]

Eaton reduces lead times for its Char-Lynn LSHT orbital motors

Power management company Eaton has located the assembly and testing of its Char-Lynn® Low Speed High Torque (LSHT) orbital motors in Havant, UK, and now offers lead times of as little as […]

Lenze’s new m200-P and m500-P motors reduce energy costs while staying small

Being more efficient does not automatically have to mean being bigger. The new m200-P and m500-P three-phase AC motors from Lenze achieve the premium IE3 efficiency class in accordance with IEC60034-30 without […]

WEG motors chosen for Siebtechnik’s CONTURBEX CX 1500 screen worm centrifuges

Siebtechnik, a manufacturer of machinery and systems for treatment of bulk solids and solid-liquid separation in the chemical and food industries, with headquarters in Muhlheim/Ruhr, opts for WEG motors to drive its […]

PITTMAN® releases new EC044A brushless DC motors

PITTMAN® Motors, a business unit of AMETEK Precision Motion Control, has introduced its latest offering in a broad range of DC brush and brushless motors: EC044A Series of slotted brushless DC motors. […]

WEG 4300kW MGF710 Motors help reduce emissions for Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station

E.ON has guaranteed the future viability of its Ratcliffe-on-Soar coal fired power station by installing a new selective catalytic reduction (SCR) emission control facility to reduce emissions. Driving the SCR process, which […]

Baumüller’s DS2 motor series now comes with oil cooling

Since servohydraulic machines are proving themselves more and more on the market, a new cooling design for motors is also making headway: oil cooling. Thus, the specialist for automation and drive systems, […]

Weg expands its W22X series to fulfill demanding application’s requirements

WEG, a leading global manufacturer of drive technology, has added a larger IEC 800 frame size model to its energy-efficient W22X series of explosion-proof motors to meet the needs of the most […]

FAULHABER motors to be utilized in NASA MMS research project

In NASA’s “Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS)” research project, motors from FAULHABER will help in examining the earth’s magnetic field. The MMS mission should for the first time provide a three-dimension image showing how […]

Drives from FAULHABER ideal for aircraft cabin applications

In 2011 there were 15,556 passenger planes and almost as many private jets in operation worldwide. If predictions prove correct, this figure is set to double in the next fifteen years. At […]