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maxon now offers BLDC motors as frameless kits

Photo by maxon motor ag

Motors used in robotics need to be lightweight while simultaneously providing high torque in order for arms and grippers to move dynamically. This is why Swiss drive specialist maxon motor is offering a new solution: The tried and tested brushless flat motors as frameless kits. This leads to a number of benefits.

DC motors cannot always be optimally integrated into a structure. In robot joints for example, space and weight are priority considerations that take standard solutions to their limits. This is why drive specialist maxon motor developed an alternative for the growing robotics market and is now offering its brushless flat motors (EC flat) as frameless kits. Rotor and stator are delivered separately, without bearings and motor shaft, and connected just when the components are assembled. This offers our customers the best of both worlds: high torque density and minimum volume. With outer diameters of only 43 to 90 mm, the EC flat series’ brushless flat motors are extremely compact. Designed as external rotor motors, they offer plenty of space inside for cable glands. maxon provides them with Hall sensors for easy control.
Space for cable glands

Engineers can integrate maxon frameless motors in robotic joints and save space. This has the following benefits:
-High level of integration in the structure of the machine
-High torques through multi-pole external rotor
-Low cogging torque – Plenty of space for cable glands
-High overload capacity
-Equipped with Hall sensors and thermal sensors (NTC)

For more information visit: www.maxonmotor.com