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WayCon’s WPH encoder features wear-free Hall-effect sensor element offering exceptional durability and accuracy

The WPH encoder, a cutting-edge product manufactured by WayCon Positionsmesstechnik GmbH, uses state-of-the-art technology to measure angles precisely. Featuring a wear-free Hall-effect sensor element and boasting an impressive array of functions, the […]

Angst+Pfister introduces its new MVH4000D-Series relative humidity sensor

The new MVH4000D-Series relative humidity and temperature sensors provide a very high accuracy of 1.5%RH and 0.2°C, while having a very fast response time. The sensors have excellent long term stability and […]

Micro-Epsilon colorSENSOR CFO sensors utilized for inspecting quality of polyamide plastic finishing process

When finishing polyamide plastic by extrusion and strand pelletizing, absolute color fidelity is necessary to achieve high quality. Micro-Epsilon colorSENSOR CFO sensors are used for reliable color inspection of the granulate. To […]

BD|SENSORS’s new DMK 331 / DS 201 / DS401 models feature nominal pressure ranges of up to 60 bar

Extended nominal pressure range of up to 60 bar for a quasi semi-flush process connection (configuration F00) with pressure transmitter DMK 331 and pressure switch DS 201 or DS 401. With applications […]

IST AG’s new Pt100 resistive sensors offers temperature measurements in very narrow spaces

For applications with confined and narrow spaces, IST AG offers Pt100 resistive sensors with axial leads. The extremely narrow design of the sensor chip and the glass passivation allow temperature measurements in […]

SICK presents its new multiScan100 3D LiDAR sensor

SICK launches the compact and precise multiScan100 3D LiDAR sensor. This is one way the company is supporting the development of autonomous industrial vehicles both in- and outdoors and increasing its focus […]

DIS Sensors’s QG40N series tilt switch used for stability monitoring of car stacking systems

As Australia’s population continues to grow urban density is likely to increase. This means that developers need to employ smart technology solutions to optimize the use of limited space. New homes and […]

AGCO utilizes DIS Sensors’s Dynamic Inclinometer for its manufacturing facility in Vicenza

In Vicenza, the AGCO production site hosts the manufacturing facility for all Harvesting Machines belonging to the Group, including Fendt, Massey Ferguson, and Valtra. One of the key components utilized in the […]

Teledyne FLIR expands its Thermal by FLIR products with new mobile phones and smart building sensor

Teledyne FLIR, part of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated, welcomed new editions to its lineup of Thermal by FLIR products that were shown at Mobile World Congress (MWC). The two new affordable, rugged mobile […]

ifm develops new IO-Link cylinder sensor for high-resolution continuous monitoring

Versatile cylinder monitoring This IO-Link sensor with two configurable hardware outputs will upgrade user’s machine in no time. The outputs can be configured to the application requirements. A high-resolution process value with […]

WayCon introduces its new SX50-F36S draw wire encoder mechanics

WayCon, a leading provider of high-quality metrology solutions, presents its latest development: the draw wire encoder mechanics SX50-F36S. This innovative product solution adds to the portfolio of high-quality metrology components and offers […]

Micro-Epsilon introduces its new dimensionCONTROL Metal Profile Gauge

The dimensionCONTROL Metal Profile Gauge offers new possibilities for process control and quality assurance in metal production. The system performs precise geometrical inspection of long products in harsh industrial environments. The respective […]

DIAS releases special pyrometer PYROSPOT DG 54NH for applications with more specific requirements

DIAS Infrared offers a comprehensive range of devices for contactless infrared temperature measurement for monitoring and controlling of industrial processes. Among them are the digital pyrometers of the PYROSPOT series, which include […]