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Sensirion introduces its new SLS-1500 liquid flow meter

Sensirion AG, the Switzerland-based market and innovation leader for digital microsensor technology, is expanding its range of liquid flow sensors for measuring low flow rates. The new SLS-1500 liquid flow meter delivers […]

IST built ultra-thin temperature sensors for outer space applications

The Rosetta space craft was launched more than ten year ago by the European Space Agency with the purpose of performing a detailed study of the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. After reaching and orbiting […]

Baumer’s MAGRES BMMV 58 can withstand radial shaft loads up to 80 N

Typically high shaft loads and situation-induced axial impact or overloads in shaft copying systems present a real challenge to encoders. The multiturn encoders of series MAGRES BMMV 58 CANopen or SSI with […]

Renishaw presents REVO-2 multi-sensor 5-axis measuring head

Renishaw announced the launch of REVO-2, a new improved version of the revolutionary multi-sensor 5-axis measuring head for use on co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs). REVO-2 and its new CMM controller UCC S5, […]

MEGATRON releases new cost-efficient SPOT25S rotary encoder

The new SPOT25S Hall-effect single-turn rotary encoder with an analogue output from MEGATRON is programmed directly by the customer on the application using a DIP switch. Only one angle sensor for different […]

Epson began mass-producing two new low-power MCUs

Seiko Epson Corporation has announced that it has begun volume production of the S1C17W03 and S1C17W04, two new offerings in the company’s S1C17W00 series of low-power 16-bit microcontrollers (MCU) featuring on-chip flash […]

New LHK contactless linear position transducer features wear-free Hall sensor technology

The new contactless linear position transducer from the LHK series is particularly recommended for small oscillating movements or vibrations. The linear sensor delivers reliable measurements in such cases thanks to the Hall-effect […]

SICK introduces new EuroFID3010 hydrocarbon analyzer

The EuroFID3010 total hydrocarbon analyzer from SICK is a heated flame ionization detector for determining the volatile organic compounds (VOC) in exhaust air and exhaust gas. It is currently the only FID […]

UWT awarded ‘BEST OF 2015’ by Huber for its capacitive sensor RFnivo® 3000

The Industry award “Industriepreis 2015” is awarded to the most advanced and innovative industry solutions in 14 categories – from automotive and medical technology to suppliers. Within the exclusive compendium of “the […]

CPL230 sensor system from Lion Precision offers top performance with less costs

The CPL230 is new precision capacitive displacement sensor system from Lion Precision featuring up to six sensors in a small space. Its performance approaches that of top-of-the-line systems but costs 25% less […]

Sensirion’s new sensor solutions further improve boiler efficiency

Sensirion AG, the leading manufacturer of sensor solutions, extends its expertise in the smart energy market and makes gas boilers more comfortable and environmentally sound. The Swiss manufacturer’s completely calibrated and temperature-compensated […]

SICK’s GMS800 FIDOR ideal for continuous hydrocarbon measurement

The SICK flame ionization detector represents both a compact analyzer and a professional device for continuous hydrocarbon measurement. The GMS800 FIDOR combines rugged design, simple operation, precise measurement, and modern interface technology […]

MAZeT’s ASICs range is extended to support fast real-time signal conversion

Integrated signal amplifiers and converters from MAZeT GmbH, specialized in the development and custom production of embedded systems and optoelectronics, convert sensor signals from optical sensors in high resolution and for the […]