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Minimum space requirements, maximum comfort – the new Dimplex split air-to-water heat pump


Outdoor unit of the new Dimplex Splydro split air-to-water heat pump
Photo by Glen Dimplex Deutschland GmbH

Dimplex presents the product innovation Splydro at ISH, one of the world’s leading trade fairs
Heat pump specialist Dimplex presents its trade fair premier Splydro at ISH this year. The innovative Splydro system contains a split air-to-water heat pump combined with the newly developed, tried-and-tested Dimplex Hydro- Tower. In addition to minimal installation and space requirements, Splydro also has a low purchase price. It also combines all the benefits of using outside air as a free heat source with the efficient technology of the split heat pump and the outstanding operating comfort of the Hydro Tower.

The product innovation Splydro from Dimplex offers a new and perfectly coordinated system for heating, cooling and domestic hot water preparation. The compact outdoor unit can be installed flexibly and close to walls of buildings and contains an air heat exchanger, which is connected to the indoor unit, the tried-and-tested Dimplex Hydro Tower, with refrigerant lines.

dimplexThe simple process for using outside air as a heat source removes the need for timeconsuming drilling and installation work. The heat taken from the surrounding air is transported to the Hydro Tower inside the building via the refrigerant lines. The Hydro Tower contains complete heat pump hydraulics, the Dimplex heat pump manager for modern and convenient system control, a domestic hot water cylinder and a series buffer tank, as well as optimised pump assemblies in a space-saving casing.

With a volume of 300 litres, the domestic hot water cylinder offers optimal domestic hot water comfort. The maximum draw-off quantity during a shut-off time is 420 litres with a water temperature of 55 °C. The built-in heat exchanger with a surface of 3.2 m² also offers optimal efficiency for domestic hot water preparation and short reheating times. The 100 litre thermocomfort cylinder ensures particularly energetic operation and, with an overflow valve, also enables individual rooms (e.g. the bathroom) to be heated in the transition period as required.

The heat pump in the Splydro system is also reversible and perfect for cooling the building during the hot summer months. Excess heat is extracted from the living space with the surface heating system (silent cooling) or fan convectors (dynamic cooling) and directed outside via the heat pump system.

heat pump system

Photo by Glen Dimplex Deutschland GmbH

With the Dimplex Splydro innovation, heat pump specialist Dimplex is therefore offering a highly intelligent, convenient and cost-saving solution for heating, cooling and domestic hot water preparation throughout the year with minimal installation requirements.

Visit www.dimplex.de for more information.