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FWT established its presence in Polish market with wind farm service

Photo by FWT energy GmbH & Co. KG

Photo by FWT energy GmbH & Co. KG

The FWT Production GmbH, manufacturer of multi megawatt plants of the FWT group located in the Westerwald is still on winning track: for the wind farm in Krzanowice in Poland the company signed binding contracts over 33 wind power plants with totally 90.5 MW. Contract Party is the VisaVento Holding AG from the Swiss Frauenfeld which has specified on the development, construction and operation of wind farms.

Already since 2013 FWT is successful on the Polish market with wind farm service, and currently erects a first 2.0 MW plant, in this year the first configuration level of the wind farm Krzanowice III will be started. The erection of three FWT 2500 plants with 2.5 MW power as well as 100 m rotor and 100 m hub height is planned. In 2016 14 additional plants of this type shall follow for Krzanowice I. In 2017 the investor joins the three megawatt class in the stage of construction Krzanowice II: 16 plants FWT 3000 with 140 m Ventur hybrid tower and 120 m big rotors shall be connected to the grid in the third phase of construction.

“With this success FWT underlines its market nearness and ambitions on the Polish market”, says FWT manager Henning Zint. The contract formation in record time and the also already planned first start ups in 2015 show the big flexibility and decision speed of FWT. “Meanwhile we are a demanded address, also for big numbers of pieces, because we can offer the security in long term practical experience and short ways in the company to our customers”, Zint says further.

In this project the strategic partner for FWT is the Strabag Sp.zo.o, which takes the whole sector of infrastructural work. “With this award of contract we also finally established ourselves in Poland, and are part of the important providers for installation engineering and service”, Henning Zint delights. Decisive for the investor were additional to the technology also the high competence and experience of the FWT team as well as the customer orientation and the flexibility of the company. More large projects are in the pipeline. But also for small lot sizes ex quantity of one wind turbine FWT is the right partner.

For more information, please visit http://www.fwt-energy.com.