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Pure energy by Malmberg Compact biogas units

Malmberg biogas upgrading at Kujala, Finland Photo by Malmberg

Did you know that the two Malmberg Compact® biogas upgrading units in Suomenoja and Kujala, Finland, are averaging 98,8 and 98,3 percent respectively in gas production over the two years they have been running?

The numbers even include the downtime for service work! Malmberg is very proud of this and it proves that we have the most reliable technology. Gasum is the owner of the plants.

This is really green and circular economy at its best. The plant in Kujala for example has the capacity enough to cover the annual energy consumption of 140 buses, 4,500 cars or 2,000 detached houses, and at the same time taking care of a waste problem.

Besides from the two great units in Suoemenoja and Kujala, Malmberg has also installed one unit to Riihimäki for Gasum and one in Jeppo for Jeppo Biogas.

For more information you can visit www.malmberg.se/biogas.