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Malmberg Biogas won biogas upgrade project

Malmberg biogas upgrading at Ecogas plant in Verdal, Norway Photo by MalmbergGruppen AB

Malmberg Biogas has won its fifth biogas upgrade project in Norway.

Now to Ecogas, a subsidiary company to Ecopro. The biogas plant is situated in Verdal, about 80 km north of Trondheim. There will be a Malmberg COMPACT® GR 14R with a capacity of 1000 Nm3/h including a filling gas station. Everything will be ready by the end of the year.

Ecopro has a nice facility in Mid-Norway that solves the food waste problem by handling 40.000 tonnes of food waste per year from 52 municipalities. The upgraded gas will drive biogas buses in Trondheim. The rest product from the digestion goes to agriculture as bio fertilizer. A perfect example of modern circular economy, with all winners including the environment.


For more information visit: www.malmberg.se