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New equipment for CARGOS 8500 by CLAAS

For the best soil protection in all conditions, CLAAS is now able to offer the CARGOS 8500 with a tridem chassis and 30.5-inch tyres – a unique combination in this market segment. The dual-purpose wagon can hold a volume of 41.5 m³ (DIN).

Crab steering protects the soil
The CARGOS 8500 dual-purpose wagon now makes the option of 30.5-inch tyres available to mid-sized contractors, and to farms that operate their own machinery. The new tridem-chassis version of the CARGOS 8500 can be fitted with tyres up to a size of 710/50 R30.5, with the benefit that the large contact area minimises compaction damage to soils that are moist or less able to withstand a load. In combination with the electrohydraulic positive steering, the loader wagon can also be operated in crab-steering mode. In this way, the area driven over is increased still further, and the weight is ideally distributed over a wider area.

Optimal loading, thanks to lowered scraper floor
The controlled pick-up has a working width of 2.0m to pick up the crop cleanly. The large rotor with 22-mm-wide conveying fins ensures efficient, careful handling of the material, and the highest cutting quality.

After chopping, the proven EFFICIENT FEEDING SYSTEM (EFS) delivers the crop directly via the scraper floor, which is lowered by 500 mm, into the wagon interior. Thanks to the steep piling up of the crop during loading, enabled by the lowered scraper floor, the loading volume is utilised completely. The optionally available metering rollers can be removed in no time at all for additional loading volume and rapid unloading in forage transport.

Durable twin knives with individual knife engagement
For easy accessibility when changing the knives, the knife carrier swings out hydraulically and the scraper floor swings upwards. The CLAAS twin knives are sharpened on both edges, and are extremely robust. Their durability guarantees that the 40 knives provide top-quality cutting. On long working days, they can be simply rotated. All knives are individually protected against foreign objects, and are fitted with an automatic blade return. The pre-tensioning of the knives can also be adjusted to different operating conditions, which protects them and helps extend their life.

Automatic articulating drawbar control
Along with the standard option of adjusting the position of the articulating drawbar from the operating terminal, an automatic articulating drawbar is also optionally available for automatic control in loading, transport and headland modes. Thanks to the active control of the drawbar in loading mode, sufficient free space is maintained between the drawbar, rotor and pick-up to ensure optimal crop flow.

ICT assists the driver
With the ICT CRUISE PILOT, CARGOS takes control in the field. It controls the regulation of the forward speed according to the capacity utilisation of the pick-up. The tractor and CARGOS function as a single unit, considerably reducing the drivers’ workload and allowing them to concentrate on supervising the work, while greatly boosting throughput rate and efficiency. Additionally, the ICT CRUISE PILOT facilitates a homogeneous crop flow through the even distribution in the loading unit. This ensures an exact cut and top forage quality.

Exact load weight indicator
In combination with hydraulically suspended axles, all models can additionally be fitted with a load weight indicator, enabling total weight and payload to be measured to an accuracy of within ±1%. An optional external display shows the current net payload on the outside of the wagon. This function can be enabled and disabled from the terminal, and provides a simple and convenient way to read just the yield measurement for the forage harvester, directly in the field.