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Tamron presents new zoom lens for surveillance of large-scale infrastructures

C-mount box-type cameras are in strong demand for day-and-night remote surveillance applications that monitor every corner of a wide area: border protection, water front/coastal safety, forest guard, and safety/protection at critical facilities […]

SMARTEK added new models to its Giganetix Plus camera series

SMARTEK Vision is extending its Giganetix Plus camera series with the GCP2061 and GCP2046 models. These new industrial cameras are equipped with the latest Sony Pregius Exmor image sensors IMX250 and IMX252, […]

Goldeye G-008 SWIR camera offers solution with best price-performance ratio

Allied Vision lowers entry barrier into short wave infrared image processing. The new Goldeye G-008 SWIR camera suits high requirements and small budgets. Allied Vision has released a new entry-level Goldeye model […]

Sony’s IMX174/249 CMOS sensors to be included in MATRIX VISION portfolio

Following on from the enormous success of the new IMX174/249 Global Shutter CMOS sensors, Sony is introducing yet more new models. The most significant development seen with the 1/1.8″ IMX250 and 2/3″ […]

Tamron’s new ultra-compact camera features industry-first vibration compensation system

Tamron reckons that small is beautiful and customers evaluating its new ultra-compact camera seem to agree. “We are only just starting to work with partners to evaluate the product and we are […]

Vision Components introduces new VCSBCnano Z-RH-2 series embedded cameras

Featuring a very compact footprint as well as excellent usability, VCSBCnano Z-RH-2 series embedded cameras enable high-speed image processing in real time. Vision Components offers these ultra-small products for cost-sensitive OEM applications […]

Baumer’s new VisiLine cameras equipped with latest Sony CMOS shutter sensor

Global shutter sensors IMX174 and IMX249 of the latest Sony CMOS generation are now integrated in six new models of the Baumer VisiLine cameras – both in mono and color and IMX174 […]

Teledyne DALSA introduces its next-gen BOA™2 Smart Cameras

Teledyne DALSA, a Teledyne Technologies company and global leader in machine vision components and solutions, announced its next generation BOA™2 Smart Cameras featuring higher resolution imaging, dual-core processing and embedded iNspect™ Express […]

Panasonic’s new micro camera-head features low light operation capability

Panasonic Industrial Medical Vision has launched a new high sensitivity micro camera head, for the industrial and medical markets, capable of operating in low light conditions. The new GP-KH232HA micro camera-head benefits […]

Panasonic’s new and upcoming AW-UE70 camera equipped with 4K capability

The AW-UE70 delivers 3840 x 2160 resolution at 25p via HDMI, and is capable of 4K IP streaming and in-camera 4K recording. In addition to 4K 2160/25p, the camera delivers many international […]

JAI’s new GO-2400-PGE industrial camera features Sony’s IMX174 CMOS imager

JAI introduced the GO-2400-PGE, a new small and lightweight industrial camera featuring Sony’s IMX174, a 2.35-megapixel global shutter CMOS imager. The new camera offers a maximum resolution of 1936 x 1216 pixels, […]

Allied Vision’s Prosilica GC1290C Camera helps blind individuals drive

Allied Vision’s Prosilica GC1290C camera used in combination with other systems gives a blind driver enough information to drive a vehicle independently Located in Blacksburg, Virginia, TORC Robotics is doing just that. […]

Leica released the new DFC7000 T digital CCD color camera

Leica Microsystems launched the digital CCD color camera Leica DFC7000 T, which has been developed for both fluorescence and brightfield applications. The camera has a highly sensitive quad-tab sensor and is cooled. […]