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Andor iXon 897 helps physicists gain new insights in solid materials study

A team of physicists at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics is gaining unique insights into the nature of solid materials by monitoring the behaviour of quasi-crystalline ‘super atoms’ created inside […]

MATRIX VISION presents new mvBlueLYNX-X smart camera

MATRIX VISION offers the mvBlueLYNX-X smart camera in a complete package for a quick start. The case contains the camera, chosen from a pool of ten models, versatile accessories as well as […]

JAI’s Spark Series SP-5000 now comes with USB3 and GigE interfaces

JAI announced that its high-speed 5-megapixel industrial camera – the Spark Series SP-5000 – is now available in models with USB3 Vision or GigE Vision interfaces. This is in addition to the […]

PCO now offers scientific CMOS cameras for almost any application

With it’s latest models pco.edge 3.1 and 4.2LT PCO AG expanded their range of scientific CMOS (sCMOS) camera systems. With the addition of two new models, PCO now provides eight sCMOS-cameras thus […]

SCHOTT presents its latest BG6x HT filters

The international technology company SCHOTT has expanded its portfolio of standard BG6x Blue Glass filters and is now introducing BG6x HT high transmission blue glass filters with improved performance. The new filter […]

Kappa develops new formulation for all extreme light situations

The adaptive Luminance Algorithm masters all lighting situations in real time: dawn, high noon, dusk, scenes  in parking garages and tunnels, nighttime as well as highlights and backlighting. No matter how extreme […]

Fujifilm introduces Classic Chrome mode for X-series cameras

Fujifilm Corporation unveils Classic Chrome, a new Film Simulation mode for X-series premium digital cameras. Since introducing the functionality on the FinePix F700 in 2003, Fujifilm has worked continuously on its unique […]

Andor iKon-L utilized in a breakthrough lensless imaging research

The overwhelming majority of past and present imaging systems use a lens to focus the subject of interest, even today’s super-resolution light microscopes that breach the diffraction limit through ingenious experimental methods. […]

The Imaging Source releases new 13 megapixel microscope camera

The Imaging Source announces the immediate availability of its 13 megapixel microscope camera with exceptional image quality and color reproduction. The 13 megapixel camera is based on Sony Exmor CMOS technology, which […]

Safety Multi-Camera Gripper “Roberta” brings innovation to versatile and efficient automation solutions

The Safety Multi-Camera Gripper “Roberta” from gomtec GmbH has won second prize in the category “Innovative New Product” at this year’s handling award competition which was held during the Motek exhibition. The […]

First Sensor’s new digital Blue Eagle camera features excellent thermal and mechanical stability

First Sensor presents the new digital Blue Eagle camera line with a very light sensitive HDR-CMOS image sensor and excellent thermal and mechanical stability for use in automotive and mobile OEM applications. […]

Photron introduces its new FASTCAM Mini UX50

In addition to re-engineering the FASTCAM Mini UX100 to withstand 100G’s in all six axis, Photron has also added a lower specification derivative, the FASTCAM Mini UX50 with full 1,280 by 1,024 […]

JAI’s new Sweep Series offers large pixels and better image quality

JAI launched a completely new series of industrial monochrome line scan cameras under the family name Sweep. The new cameras combine high scan rates with extra-large high sensitivity pixels requiring less scene […]