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LASER COMPONENTS showcased its laser modules designed for wood processing at LIGNA 2023

At LIGNA 2023, LASER COMPONENTS presented laser modules that are specifically suited for use in wood processing. At Booth B06 in Hall 15, the company focused on lasers for machine vision and […]

LASER COMPONENTS now offers UVC LED components from CrayoNano

LASER COMPONENTS expands its range of UV LEDs with products from CrayoNano, a new and innovative Norwegian manufacturer that uses revolutionary nanotechnology to develop highly durable semiconductors. Their first product is a […]

Gentec-EO discusses ways of avoiding damage to laser power meters

Even though some laser power meters on the market can withstand tremendous amounts of power, like Gentec EO’s HP400A-100kW (that can sustain 100kW of continuous power), users can still damage one if […]

Micro-Epsilon improves its scanCONTROL 3000 laser scanners with more versatility

The scanCONTROL 3000 laser scanners are now even more versatile. As a rear-tail version, they have a rear cable outlet including integrated cable. This reduces the space required to install the scanner […]

TOPTICA Photonics strengthens its position in European market with the acquisition of Azurlight Systems SAS

As per 22nd of December 2022, Germany-based laser manufacturer TOPTICA Photonics AG has entered into a definitive purchase agreement to acquire the majority of the shares of French fiber laser technology company […]

LASER COMPONENTS now offers feedthroughs for feeding polarization-maintaining fibers into vacuum chambers

LASER COMPONENTS is now selling feedthroughs that can be used to guide linearly polarized light into high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum chambers. Polarization-maintaining (PM) adapters have already been integrated into the flange. […]

LASER COMPONENTS enhances its optics production capability using its new coating systems

LASER COMPONENTS continues to expand its optics production with two new coating systems. The ion beam sputtering (IBS) system delivered last year is now fully operational and has started production. An additional […]


Gentec-EO launches the 2023 Laser Lab Awards contest

Gentec-EO launches the 2023 Laser Lab Awards contest. Twelve winners will receive one of the five laser output measurement kits of their choice among a selection of top popular products made by […]

LASER COMPONENTS now offers hollow retroreflectors from US manufacturer PLX

LASER COMPONENTS presents a range of hollow retroreflectors from US manufacturer PLX that have been further improved for more stability and durability in harsh environments such as space and military applications. Thanks […]

Edmund Optics releases new dual-band laser mirrors and windows for its Nd:YAG lasers

Edmund Optics®, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of optical components, has just introduced new dual-band laser mirrors and windows for Nd:YAG lasers using visible guide beams. Because 1064nm Nd:YAG beams are […]

Epilog Laser introduces its new Fusion Maker Laser System

Epilog Laser, the leading producer of CO2 and fiber laser engraving, cutting, and marking systems, announces the launch of the new Fusion Maker Laser System. Designed with industrial components that withstand heavy […]

3D MicroPrint GmbH

Micro Laser Sintering Machine of the latest generation

Before the end of the year, 3D MicroPrint was able to put our fourth machine into operation. With the Micro Laser Sinter machine of the latest generation, 3D MicroPrint are again expanding […]

LASER COMPONENTS’s new infrared notch filters offer ideal solution for CO2 laser applications

10.6 µm Notch Filter Prevents Over-radiation in Process Monitoring Infrared notch filters at 10.6 µm enable reliable monitoring via thermal imaging cameras when working with CO2 lasers. They block the laser wavelength […]