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MAZeT expands its JENCOLOR® product line with new MTCS-CDCAF color sensor

MAZeT GmbH – development and manufacturing services provider for embedded systems and optoelectronics – is introducing the new MTCS-CDCAF color sensor, the first fully integrated sensor chip solution in the JENCOLOR® product […]

MEGATRON’s new thin film precision resistors offers quiet operations and extreme corrosion resistance

The peak performance values of the new CPH and CPM thin film precision resistors in the SMD series are impressive. With a temperature coefficient of ±1ppm/°C and a resistance tolerance of ±0.01 […]

MEGATRON’s TRY14 Hall effect thumb joystick makes operations playful

Work playfully with the TRY14 Hall effect thumb joystick from MEGATRON The TRY14 is similar to gamepad joysticks in size and operation. Its robust mechanism, stable housing and haptic properties mean that […]

Baumer added new models to the AlphaProx family of inductive sensors

With the new models from the AlphaProx family, Baumer has once more confirmed its position as one of the leading manufacturers in the field of measuring inductive sensors. The new sensors in […]

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces new R100 and R101 series of photoelectric sensors

Benefit from switching sensors with measuring core With each of the R100 and R101 series of photoelectric sensors, customers receive a universal solution with innovative technologies that offers maximum flexibility in many […]

SICK introduces new Glare gloss sensor

The Glare gloss sensor from SICK is specially designed to recognize and differentiate objects on the basis of their gloss in order to control production processes. The Glare sensor analyzes the spatial […]

SICK’s new compact PowerProx photoelectric sensor offers superior detection speed

The new standard for reliable detection with an extended sensing range cannot be measured with a conventional yardstick. After all, with sensing ranges from 5 cm to 3.8 m, no object goes […]

SCHOTT D263® T eco ultra-thin glass makes smartphone’s fingerprint sensors reliable

First flagship smartphone models on the market now use SCHOTT D263® T eco ultra-thin glass in their fingerprint sensors. These sensors help to protect the end-consumer’s privacy while maintaining a high level […]

First Sensor introduces new LME differential pressure sensor

First Sensor presents a new miniature manifold mountable version of its ultra-low differential pressure sensors with measuring ranges from 25 to 500 Pa (0.1 to 2 inH2O) Full Scale. The low profile […]

IST expands in bio and chemical sensors market with Jobst Technologies acquisition

The Swiss sensor manufacturer, Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG, acquires Freiburg im Breisgau based Jobst Technologies GmbH and strengthens its position in the market for bio and chemical sensors. Innovative Sensor Technology […]

Sensirion introduces its new SLS-1500 liquid flow meter

Sensirion AG, the Switzerland-based market and innovation leader for digital microsensor technology, is expanding its range of liquid flow sensors for measuring low flow rates. The new SLS-1500 liquid flow meter delivers […]

IST built ultra-thin temperature sensors for outer space applications

The Rosetta space craft was launched more than ten year ago by the European Space Agency with the purpose of performing a detailed study of the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. After reaching and orbiting […]

Baumer’s MAGRES BMMV 58 can withstand radial shaft loads up to 80 N

Typically high shaft loads and situation-induced axial impact or overloads in shaft copying systems present a real challenge to encoders. The multiturn encoders of series MAGRES BMMV 58 CANopen or SSI with […]