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Eisenmann’s E-Cube successfully attract customers from variety of industries worldwide

E-Cube is a resource-efficient paint overspray removal system. It operates without chemicals, water or other additives, and is easy to use.
Photo by EISENMANN Anlagenbau GmbH & Co.KG

Eisenmann unveiled its innovative E-Cube mechanical paint overspray removal system at its 2013 in-house Technology Forum. Now, E-Cube has been purchased over 50 times for deployment in a variety of industries worldwide. In addition, over 90 types of paint have been successfully tested under real-world conditions at Eisenmann’s dedicated facility and at customer sites – testifying to E-Cube’s suitability for diverse wet paint scenarios.

E-Cube filters paint overspray from recirculating, or inlet and exhaust air – without using water, chemicals or other additives. In comparison to other solutions, E-Cube is exceptionally resource and energy efficient. For example, it can cut consumption of electricity for operation by up to 20 percent, for heating by up to 60 percent, and for cooling by up to 50 percent. Moreover, the modular system is suitable for industrial environments of practically all sizes, and it can be easily retrofitted to existing paint shops. E-Cube’s cost-efficiency and flexibility have caught the eye of several global players, including US automaker Tesla, utility vehicle manufacturer Same Deutz-Fahr or Ronal, a leading manufacturer of light alloy wheels. In the last three years, they have installed E-Cubes in both new and existing plants.

Product manager Horst Schmidt explains the attraction of E-Cube’s simplicity: “Our customers value its ease of use. Staff don’t require any special training to use the system.” The filtration modules, named for their shape, are delivered folded and highly compact. They are simple to assemble and install, and can be easily replaced – even during ongoing operations. The switchover is fast, and can be completed in approximately two minutes. This process is managed via control panels, which monitor the saturation level of individual E-Cube modules. As a result, docking and undocking E-Cubes are fully automated processes, and employees do not come into contact with the paint overspray.

Functionality and flexibility were given equal consideration in E-Cube’s design. The solution can be used for any wet paint process – for example, by automakers, automotive component suppliers, and manufacturers of commercial and agricultural vehicles. Furthermore, it can be deployed for wind power, plastics coating, and metal finishing applications. This versatility and ease of use, plus E-Cube’s low energy and resource consumption, is a winning combination. And as sales show, this innovative solution is highly successful: E-Cube is currently one of Eisenmann’s best-selling products.

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