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ADLINK’s new ASD+ Series offers ideal solution for applications demanding high reliability and security

Photo by Lippert ADLINK Technology GmbH

ADLINK Technology Inc., a global leader in edge computing, a global supplier of industrial PCs and motherboards, and a Titanium member of the Intel Partner Alliance, announces the launch of the new ADLINK ASD+ Series of industrial SSDs with options available to cover the full spectrum of industrial applications where reliability and security are key. The embedded flash storage solutions are available in all standard form factors to bring the benefits of high transfer speeds, light weight, and low power consumption to mission-critical tasks in industrial applications. ASD+ storage solutions have write-intensive options for military and surveillance AI, and read-intensive options for gaming, medical, signage, and retail.

Industry-leading reliability

Uninterrupted 24/7 operation in harsh industrial environments necessitates hardware that can work continuously and maintain peak performance under high temperatures and taxing workloads. To provide industrial-grade stability for mission-critical tasks, ASD+ SSDs use the highest-quality chips from original IC vendors to ensure uninterrupted 24/7 operation and ADLINK backs up this promise with a 3-year warranty.

ASD+ comes in three temperature ranges: 0 to 70°C, -25 to 85°C, and -40 to 85°C, that cater to a range of use cases and provide unique blends of performance and price to match application requirements and operating environment. ASD+ SSDs are also protected against heat damage with thermal protection that throttles the operating speed when temperatures exceed specified thresholds.

Secure data and access

ASD+ SSDs offer Secure Erase and Crypto Erase features that protect the SSDs by providing a way to completely erase data from the disk and encode the data using a crypto key to make data unreadable without the key. Write Protection prevents accidentally overwriting data. ASD+ is FIPS-certified and TCG-OPAL compliant.

Power loss protection further ensures data integrity, even with the sudden loss of power. Traditional SSDs are susceptible to data corruption when power loss interrupts the writing of in-flight data, so ASD+ uses power capacitors that store enough power to complete the data flushing process, guaranteeing that no data is lost.

Read- and write-intensive options

ASD+ SSDs are available with many options to fulfill the unique demands of a variety of enterprise and commercial applications. The ASD+ range includes read- and write-intensive options. Write-intensive SSDs provide high performance and endurance with lower latency for enterprise applications such as military or surveillance AI. Read-intensive SSDs provide read random IOPS and higher capacity for HMI and client applications in gaming, medical, signage, and retail.

To cater to more specific application needs, ADLINK offers customization services with early sample access and can accommodate requests for other form factors such as CF, PATA SSD, SD, Micro SD, eMMC, and BGA SSD.

For more information, please visit http://www.adlinktech.com.