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ADLINK Technology introduces the new Pocket AI ultra-portable GPU accelerator

Photo by Lippert ADLINK Technology GmbH

ADLINK Technology Inc., a global leader in edge computing, launched Pocket AI – the first ever ultra-portable GPU accelerator to offer exceptional power at a cost-effective price point. With hardware and software compatibility, Pocket AI is the perfect tool to boost performance and productivity. It provides plug-and-play scalability from development to deployment for AI developers, professional graphics users and embedded industrial applications.

Pocket AI is a simple, reliable route to impressive GPU acceleration at a fraction of the cost of a laptop with equivalent GPU power. Its many benefits include a perfect power/performance balance from the NVIDIA RTX™ A500 GPU; high functionality driven by NVIDIA CUDA X and accelerated libraries; quick, easy delivery/power via Thunderbolt 3 interface and USB PD; and compatibility supported by NVIDIA developer tools. For the ultimate portability, the Pocket AI is compact and lightweight – est. 106 x 72 x 25mm and 250 grams.

The primary use case for this powerful eGPU will be AI development: from students and beginners still learning and validating knowledge, to experienced developers who are cultivating and demonstrating new concepts. In addition, professional graphics users will find Pocket AI very helpful for CAD 3D content and development; 2D illustration; and accelerated video processing. In embedded industrial applications, it can support 3D rendering; AI enhanced image processing; dynamic field use with scalable performance; and sensor fusion pairing on a mobile workstation. For example, applications such as medical imaging and augmented reality often need on demand, portable power.

For more information, please visit http://www.adlinktech.com.