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Advantech’s new SQRAM robust memory solution offers optimal performance in harsh environments

Photo by Advantech Europe BV

Advantech, a global leader in the embedded computing market, announces its SQRAM robust memory solution with mounting hole design and customization services. Offering a wide operational temperature range, as well as strong shock and vibration resistance, this solution is specifically designed for optimal performance in challenging physical environments. SQRAM robust memory modules feature a customizable mounting hole design that has undergone strict shock certification in accordance with rigorous military standards. The series includes SODIMM and ECC SODIMM—offering capacity from 8GB to 32GB with a frequency of 2666MHz. Together with SQRAM temperature monitoring software, the SQRAM robust memory solution is ideal for HPC in military, heavy-duty transportation, and aerospace applications.

Certified Ruggedized Design Meets Military Standards

When operating in extreme environments, DRAM is at risk of unstable operation caused by severe shock and vibration. To avoid such risk, the SQRAM robust memory module is designed with two mounting holes on its PCB to securely fasten on the motherboard. It has passed the highest level of mechanical shock testing at the MIL-STD-810G military standard. Additionally, the SQRAM robust memory module went through a 24hr high-low temperature burn-in test program to ensure reliability across a wide temperature range.

Customized Hardware Design and Software Functionality

To fulfill the requirements of various industrial platforms, PCB mounting holes can be adjusted according to a customer’s motherboard design while Advantech also offers a compatible standard platform: the SOM-5962 COM Express Type7 Basic Module. SQRAM management software can monitor real-time DRAM operation temperature—allowing users to customize the threshold for triggering an overheating temperature alert.

Key Features for SQRAM DDR4 2666 Rugged DIMM

  • Superior speed: 2666MHz
  • Available capacity: 8GB ~ 32GB
  • Ruggedized mounting hole design
  • Wide temperature range: -40~85℃
  • Military shock level verified
  • SQRAM Manager support

For more information, please visit http://www.advantech.eu.