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ATI’s new Force Control Devices offers compliance integration into robotic and automated operations

Manual Die Grinder mounted to ATI’s Passive Compliant Force Control Device and KUKA robot arm.
Photo by ATI Industrial Automation

The engineers at ATI Industrial Automation have added a new capability to their repertoire of robotic solutions. With the launch of Force Control Devices, ATI now offers users an open platform to integrate compliance into robotic and automated operations. Compliant force control enables more dynamic automation processes through integrated responsiveness. Force Control Devices provide applications with the ability to monitor deflection of the compliance mechanism and adjust contact forces, which increases process quality and makes programming easier.

The Passive Compliant Force Control (PCFC) device is used to incorporate highly-customized passive compliant force control into automated material removal applications. The PCFC is ideal for automated processes that utilize rigid end-effectors such as bench grinding, die grinding, cutting, and gate removal, and can be used on either side of a part-to-process or process-to-part application.

The compliance force is modular to give users the ability to target specific force ranges for particular applications. The PCFC features adjustable stages of compliance; by engaging or disengaging the pistons, users can easily increase or decrease the compliance force range. Gravity compensation ensures that the PCFC device maintains constant contact forces regardless of its orientation.

If needed, the interface plates can be removed to provide a large thru hole. This option gives users the ability to integrate their own motor which decreases overall stress on the robot arm and reduces the stack height of end-of-arm tooling.

ATI plans to expand their Force Control Device offerings soon and will include additional solutions for active compliance. For assistance with custom force control application needs, please reach out to the Sales team.

For more information, please visit http://www.ati-ia.com.