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Baumüller introduces new intermediate-circuit capacity unit for its b maXX 5000

A multitude of advantages: The benefits of an intermediate-circuit capacity unit include energy savings and the reduction of peak consumption in dynamic automation
Photo by Baumüller Nürnberg GmbH

With this intermediate-circuit capacity unit for the stackable converter generation b maXX 5000, the drive and automation specialist Baumüller offers another option to save energy and cut costs.

For dynamic applications with brake movements, the capacity unit can temporarily save the brake energy in the buffer and then transmit this energy again for the next acceleration. The energy in the buffer does not just lower the consumption but also balances out the cost-intensive peak load. This means that the user can lower the consumption peaks contractually agreed-on with the power company, which additionally reduces costs.

Another benefit of the capacity unit consists in the lower system losses. If the brake energy is stored and not heated in brake resistance, the system’s thermal radiation is lowered. When the energy temporarily stored in the capacity unit is used again, this is also reflected in the dimensioning of the required cooling devices. Likewise, the electrical panel as well as the feeder unit can be designed with smaller dimensions, which results in additional cost reductions on top of the energy savings.

The optional intermediate-circuit capacity unit impresses not only with its energy benefits but also an additional security factor. This means that in case of power failures, the application system can still have enough energy – temporarily stored in the buffer – to shut down regularly without requiring any additional independent power supply.

The b maXX 5000 has an integrated drive-connect system, which means that individual modules can be easily added or removed without disengaging the entire drive system. With this system, the intermediate-circuit capacity unit can be integrated fully into the 5000 series.

For more information, please visit http://www.baumueller.com.