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Ultra-fast spot welding robots now with built-in cables by Nachi

In November 2011 NACHI launched ultra-fast spot welding robot “SRA series” to  improve productivity and for higher speed welding of automotive bodies. NACHI has enjoyed great demand for the series since . NACHI now reacts on various  customers demands with  expanding the series lineup  and introduces four news models that have built-in cables and hollow arms.

Ultra-fast spot welding robots SRA-H

Ultra-fast spot welding robot SRA100H with build-in cables
Photo by NACHI Europe GmbH

Market demand and development background
In automotive production lines, in addition to improving quality, there has been increasing demand for cost reduction and productivity improvement through such efforts as reducing cycle time and the number of operators, conserving space, and even shortening production line startup time.

NACHI is set to release the newly developed ultra-fast spot welding robots “SRA-H” models with hollow arms to the market as additions to the “SRA series” lineup of ultra-fast spot welding robots. The incorporation of application cables in the robot body simplifies robot setup as well as improves flexibility for robot installation, thus shortening the time required for production line startup.

Features of “SRA-H” welding robots models with built-in cables
1. Improved installation flexibility
The hollow forearm and wrist allow for incorporation of cables that are connected to equipment installed at the end of the wrist, including spot welding guns. This allows for installation in confined spaces, which is difficult with conventional models.

2. Improved reliability
Stable cable movement prevents cables from being damaged by welding spatter or through interference with peripheral equipment, thus providing higher credibility.

Reduced time for setting up production lines
Cable interference no longer needs to be considered, which significantly reduces robot motion simulations and operation program confirmations performed using an actual unit after installation. Thus, this feature contributes to the full-scale startup of production lines.

1. Applicable hand expansion
Improved wrist torque realizes a load capacity 1.5 times higher than that of conventional models, allowing for the use of large-size welding guns

2. Wide Lineup Range
In response to the various needs of customer regarding payload, production line designing, and other factors, NACHI will release four new models into the market, including a ceiling suspension model and a long arm model.

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