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Customer specific highly adaptable linear motion axis Type TMF

Attending the Hannover exhibition 2012 GÜDEL presents his brand spanking new generation of linear axis – Trackmotion TMF. Linear axes have been a part of the GÜDEL Product range for many years.

Linear Motion Axis Type - TMF

Photo by Güdel AG

GÜDEL Trackmotion modules are very resistant to dirt, and provide extreme rigidity and stiffness due to the large rollers and guideways employed. The welded steel framework provides an optimal distribution of loads on the rails, giving extremely quiet running. The modules are manufactured in sections and can therefore be easily extended in length. Stroke lengths up to 100m  can be provided as standard. GÜDEL has developed a simple to use «Sizing Tool» forthe new Trackmotion, that will automatically choose the correct Trackmotion for your application by inputting just the manufacturers name and the robot type.

Modular linear motion axis with rack and pinion drive for use in diverse applications such as welding machines, plasma-arc cutting, mechanical processing, pouring, packing etc. GÜDEL TrackMotion linear axes are well-proven in applications such as logistics, aerospace and in the automobile industry. Through optimal sizing of the Trackmotion range, we can offer the ideal linear module for each type of robot. Carriage plates, drive transmissions and cable loops are supplied specifically for your robot and application. We can also supply the module complete with motor and cables. The carriage is driven with a servo gearbox or a high dynamic planetary gearbox type GSP. The Lubrication of Guideways, racks and pinions is provided by a fully automatic lubrication system with the latest integrated control, 24V DC Flexpump.