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Dold: Three-stage enabling switch RE 6909

Photo by E. Dold & Söhne GmbH & Co. KG

When operating machines and devices there are operating modes and situations where the stay in hazardous areas is needed. In order to work safely even in these cases with increased danger additional measures are required.

With the new three-stage enabling switch RE 6909 of the SAFEMASTER series, people are secured during commissioning, maintenance or setup. What is important here is the three-stage functionality. Only an actively operated middle position gives approval to a higher-level safe control. If the operator releases the three-stage enabling switch or pushes it through (panic function) he or she withdraws approval, thus releasing the safety-oriented switch-off.

Thanks to its functional and ergonomic design, the enabling switch grants fatigue-free working and, due to its modular setup, many additional operating and control functions such as a start-stop control device, key switches and further buttons. The robust handheld terminal meets the IP65 requirements for use even in rough ambient conditions.

With the new three-stage enabling switch RE 6909 of the SAFEMASTER series we are expanding our product range of wireless enabling switches and wireless emergency stop systems for the safety-oriented transmission of emergency stop and control functions by an ergonomic wired version.

Customer benefits:

  • Safe working in hazardous areas
  • Ergonomic design and fatigue-free working
  • Expandable and applicable in many ways
  • Safety during setup and normal operation or maintenance of machines


  • Modular setup
  • Three-stage enabling switch
  • Optional emergency stop button
  • Versatile operating functions
  • Additional function buttons, expandable e.g. for control functions
  • Robust enclosure in IP 65
  • Universal mounting

For more information, please visit: https://www.dold.com/en/company/news/