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easyTrans Automated Guided Transport by DS AUTOMOTION


The automated guided vehicle system easyTrans from DS AUTOMOTION relieves employees in production or logistics of transport tasks, freeing them up for their core tasks. Fully customised, easyTrans is ready for action in a matter of hours. It helps smaller enterprises boost production efficiency by closing the intralogistic gap.

easyTrans is the smart and easy way to start using automated guided vehicle technology. Utilising laser navigation, a high lift pallet truck operating driverlessly takes on transport tasks. This frees up employees in production or logistics for their core tasks.

The standard scope of the easyTrans system includes an automated high lift pallet truck, laser navigation reflectors and the control system software. A Wi-Fi installation or system hardware may not exist on site yet and can be included in the system package. The AGV system can initiate operation fast following customizing of the software as well as installation and commissioning.

Unlimited applications

Custom configuration and ready to use certified installation are provided by experienced DS AUTOMOTION experts. This ensures an uncompromised operating stability. System design and software architecture of easyTrans is fully compatible with other DS AUTOMOTION systems. This facilitates unlimited extendibility. Possible extensions to the overall system start at automatic order assignment via interfaces to ERP or warehouse systems and go all the way to an upgrade to a “folly grown” AGV system with several vehicles.

For more information, please visit www.ds-automotion.com.