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Eaton added three new frame sizes to its Dumeco DC range of breakers

Photo by Eaton Corporation

Photo by Eaton Corporation

Power management company Eaton has extended its Dumeco DC range of breakers with three new frame sizes. The entire range now includes twelve devices for currents from 63 A to 1250 A and offers breakers for the entire spectrum of photovoltaic (PV) applications – from roof panels for residential, small and large commercial buildings, to the power stations of utility companies with voltages of up to 1000 V DC. In addition, the devices can be used for PV connection boxes, inverters and DC battery storage. The breakers also offer flexible and fast installation and are highly cost-effective and reliable, giving installers and manufacturers of PV equipment a significant competitive advantage.

The Dumeco DC breakers are available in two-pole configurations which reduce the number of bridging links between the poles and so decrease installation time and the material costs of connecting the phases. The bi-directional pole connections give high installation flexibility. Due to its compact design – the units’ minimal footprint is up to 52 per cent smaller than comparable products from other manufacturers – Dumeco breakers save valuable space in the control cabinet and are suitable for applications where space is limited.

The standard package includes a device with front control switches, as well as a 300 mm extension shaft and a lockable handle as accessories. Alternatively, breakers and accessories can be ordered individually so that users can implement their own device combinations to best suit their application.

The smallest of the new Dumeco DC breaker frame sizes, frame size 0, offers 63 A, 80 A and 100 A versions. Frame size 1 devices are available in three versions for currents of 125 A, 160 A and 200 A and have the smallest footprint for breakers of this performance level on the market. Frame size 2 has three versions of the breaker, is suitable for currents of 250 A, 400 A and 630 A and offers a particularly high short-circuit strength (Icw) of 15 kA (1s). Both the DC and the AC breakers in the Dumeco series are part of Eaton’s extensive and globally available product portfolio for the renewable energy sector.

For more information, please visit http://www.eaton.eu.