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Eaton introduces the Double Door Safety Switch

Photo by Eaton.

Double down on safety with Eaton’s newest Double Door Safety Switch
Eaton’s double-door line isolation switch is the industry’s first compartmentalized fusible safety switch, and the newest product in Eaton’s expanding offering of enhanced safety switch devices. The innovative two-door design includes an internal barrier that separates the upper switching compartment from the lower fuse compartment. This allows operators to access the fuse compartment with no exposure to line-side power, providing enhanced safety during fuse replacement.

Improved Safety

  • Maintain isolation from incoming line-side cables within fuse compartment
  • Easily determine if the switch is open with our enhanced visible blade design and viewing window
  • Prevent doors from being opened when switch is energized

Simplified Maintenance

  • Revolutionary design minimizes exposure, enhances safety and maximizes uptime
  • Screw-down fasteners on the upper switch compartment door add a layer of safety
  • Optional lower viewing windows are available
  • Accepts many safety switch accessories— auxiliary contacts, control pole, neutrals, etc.

Increased Flexibility

  • Ratings—30 A through 1200 A, 240 Vac and 600 Vac
  • NEMA® Type 12/3R and 4/4X enclosures available
  • Optional voltage monitors provide additional verification as to whether or not the circuit is open
  • Customized solutions are always available via Eaton’s switching device Flex Center

For more information visit: www.eaton.com