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Retraction system for cable guidance in multi-axis robot applications

From small welding robots to large palletizing robots, energy chain specialist igus GmbH offers rapid-assembly echain packages for all applications. Now the Cologne company has developed a new „RSP“ adjustable retraction system for secure cable guidance, which can also be used for large arm sizes and very complex movements.

pneumatic retraction system

Photo igus GmbH

Constant force progression
With the pneumatic retraction system), the force is generated by a pneumatic cylinder. The retraction force of the system is adjustable by changing the pressure in the cylinder.  The force progression remains constant, which ensures secure retraction of the energy chain in the most complicated fillings, with cables and hoses in any position. The RSP can be attached quickly and easily to various robot models by means of compact mounting brackets. The systems with various extension lengths (from 500 to 1,000 mm) are space-saving and lightweight.

Optional monitoring
An optional monitoring system is provided for robots whose program sequences are frequently changing, alternating, or not 100 percent predictable. This is particularly useful, for example, for robots that are steered by cameras or image acquisition systems. The monitoring is done by a connection to the robot controller or PLC. When a predetermined tolerance value is about to be exceeded, an early warning signal is given. This can also give confidence for a system which is frequently reprogrammed.

Photo igus GmbH

3D energy chains for cable protection
The „Triflex R“ multi- dimensional moving energy chain is used for power, data and media supply. This energy chain construction kit, specifically for robot users, has approximately 250 components to guide cables and hoses securely around difficult geometries. These „robot chains“ are available in three designs: First, a closed design for cable protection in harsh applications such as those involving spatter welding machines, chips and dirt. Second, an „Easy“ version, where the cables are quickly pushed into the chain by hand, at any time. And third, an easily managed and especially rapidly assembled „Light“ version. The „Triflex R“ 3D energy chain series, which has been used worldwide for years and is available from stock, ensures a predetermined minimum bend radius and torsional stop for careful cable guiding. The tensile strengths are absorbed by the energy chain, which significantly increases the life of the cables and so avoids downtime.