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Fagor Automation demonstrated its latest control and measurement systems at the EMO fair

During EMO fair, which was held in Hannover, Fagor Automation presented its latest advances in control and measurement systems, showing new solutions designed in detail to provide a comprehensive solution to high performance machines.

Visitors were able to see the Fagor Automation stand, at the scoop of the QUERCUS and 3STATECH technologies:

QUERCUS, a new CNC automation system

Photo by FAGOR Automation

The industrial manufacturing sector is constantly evolving and has been calling for technologically advanced, flexible and customized solutions to increase productivity, without any loss of precision, while ensuring the highest quality results.

In response, Fagor Automation has developed QUERCUS, the CNC automation system. QUERCUS is an integral solution that includes, apart from its numerical control, servo modules, power supplies, communication buses, spindle motors, and full digital feedback systems.

3STATECH, a new positioning system technology

Photo by FAGOR Automation

Industrial components manufacturers face challenges in achieving highly demanding results under adverse working conditions. When machines are either idle or under operation, grime can build up with the accumulation of condensation or vapors. This makes it problematic when calculating the position of a machine’s axes, extending start-up times for equipment and reducing the efficiency of the production processes.

In response, the machine automation and control systems manufacturer Fagor Automation has developed 3STATECH, an optoelectronic technology that will be showcased at the upcoming EMO Hannover machine tool trade show, one of the most important events for the industrial manufacturing sector in Europe.

For more information, please visit http://www.fagorautomation.com.