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FIBRO presents FIBROTOR RT.0750

Efficient ring rotary table for use in sophisticated, high-performance machines

Photo by FIBRO GmbH

Photo by FIBRO GmbH

Modern, highly efficient assembly plants for the automotive, electronics and consumer goods industries call for precise and process-safe drive components that are also economical whilst offering sufficient space for creative drive con-cepts. The FIBRO answer to these customer requirements is the new ring rotary table FIBROTOR RT.0750.
This new FIBRO product has a clever bearing con-cept that leads to the maximum tipping moment being doubled and the permis-sible charging tripled without increasing the investment costs for the rotary table. In size RT.0750 (inner diameter of 440 mm), the maximum permissible values of the axial force lie at 5,000 N, the radial force at 8,000 N and the tip-ping moment at 2,250 Nm. For applications that do not fully utilise these maxi-mum values, the robust bearing pays off in the form of an extended operating life. The operating life amounts to 20,000 hours MTTF (Mean Time To Failure).

High dynamics and precision

In addition, FIBROTOR RT.0750 offers short switching time, soft acceleration and a high indexing precision of +/- 12 angle seconds. In the basic version already, the ring rotary table comes with a sealed table top (total height of 95 mm) and can either be equipped directly or with any additional table top. Like all proven FIBROTOR rotary tables with a fixed division, a robust and efficient cam drive is also used on the RT.0750; the cam geometry of this drive have been optimised according to the German Energy Saving Act. Compared to conventional cam drives, RT.0750 thus saves about 20% more in terms of current consumption. Optionally, the ring rotary table can also be provided ex works with FIBRO frequency converters from SEW or Siemens. These frequency converters already include the sequential programs for a clockwise, counter-clockwise or swinging operation, soft start, fast or creep speed and a switching time optimisation. A three-phase brake motor monitor minimises brake wear. The affordable ring rotary table will soon be available in 11 fixed divisions from 4 to 36 and as the NC rotary table FIBROTOR RT.NC.0750 with flexible division.

For more information visit: http://www.fibro.de/en